Styling And Photography / Content Creation

Make Your Recipe Stand Out

Ready to make your recipe mouthwatering and magical? I'm ready to help! I have all of the tools and props to take your recipes to the next level. I will create, style and shoot your recipes to highlight all of the delicious ingredients and features. Feel free to check out my Instagram Feed to see my style!

Let's Work Together!

Sponsored Posts / Giveaways

Let's Be Creative Together

I absolutely love being creative with new products and ingredients! I work with a variety of companies developing quality, delicious, magical recipes that can be used for their marketing materials. When we work together, I'll not only create the recipe, but style and shoot the finished recipe as well!

The process I follow for sponsored posts/giveaways is as follows:

  1. A company sends me their product for recipe development.
  2. I spend some time getting to know the product and come up with some recipe ideas that feature the product and combine the mission of My Tiny Laguna Kitchen and the company I’m working with.
  3. With the recipe ideas I develop while working with the product, I take the best ones and send them back to the company to let them choose which one they like best and helps to showcase their product.
  4. I take the agreed upon recipe, create it and take photos of it; While taking photos, I make sure to incorporate at least one photo that includes the product’s packaging. This allows my audience to know what to look for when they want to purchase the product.
  5. After I create the recipe, I write a post on my blog which includes the following:
    • The recipe I created
    • A variety of the photos I took, including the product packaging shot.
    • A write up introducing the sponsored product which includes information about the product, it’s benefits, a link to where the reader can purchase the product or discover more, and my honest review of the product.
  6. When the sponsored recipe and blog post is completed, I will share the sponsored post across my social media channels. I will tag the brand and use the hashtags most beneficial to reaching the targeted audience.
  7. (Optional) If the product is a giveaway, I will make a post on my Instagram account describing the details of the giveaway agreed upon between My Tiny Laguna Kitchen and the company I am working with. Please note that at My Tiny Laguna Kitchen we comply with all FTC regulations; I always believe in disclosing!