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Vegan Irish Cream Coffee

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Vegan Irish Cream with Rasa Koffee, is rich, silky, and chocolatey with hints of coffee notes. Irish Cream can be served in a variety of ways, but it’s hard to find one that fits most lifestyles. Irish Cream usually has alcohol, but ours is alcohol-free so you can enjoy it at any time! Nothing says St. Patricks Day like a cup of Irish Cream.

A pitcher of Irish cream being poured into old fashioned champagne glasses, surrounded by clovers and roses, plus other greenery and crystals.

Irish Cream Coffee or Herbal Coffee

To be completely honest I cannot take full credit for this recipe. It was the idea of my love, who happens to be as Irish as they come. Yesterday while I was in the other room, he was secretly in the kitchen brewing up this magical recipe!

Another bit of honesty, he is very creative, and most times his recipes turn out absolutely amazing! But sometimes, well, they were a good try, hehe. This Irish cream coffee completely blew me away though!

He knows the only coffee I drink is from RASA, but if you are sensitive to coffee you can try their herbal koffee which takes just like coffee but without caffeine. They have 3 different blends to choose from so make sure to check them out! I was always VERY sensitive to coffee but I can handle their coffee blend, as it has 12 different adaptogens.

I prefer Irish Cream served chilled as a relaxing smooth drink, but warm as an Irish cream coffee is also amazing! This recipe is also vegan and sugar-free.

Top view of wide glasses filled with vegan Irish cream coffee and topped with a mint leaf, on a light wood background surrounded by clovers, greens, and crystals.


For this recipe, I decided to make it magical with RASA Dirty (which has a hint of coffee).

I also snagged my boyfriend’s Aeropress to bring out the strength of the coffee. Irish Cream usually takes espresso for a stronger coffee taste, but with the Aeropress, I was able to make it using RASA and extract a super-strong cup. It was hard not to drink the coffee straight before putting it in the mix! This is optional but recommended.

With coconut milk and the super creamy texture of the coconut cream it’s rich and smooth, this vegan Irish cream coffee is a perfect dairy-free version of the real thing, plus nutritious.

Cacao wafers add a perfectly healthy, chocolaty, and delicious melted chocolate syrup taste mixed in there.

A touch of vanilla bean powder adds the earthy and tasty nostalgic flavor to this vegan Irish cream.

Throw in the hint of pure stevia it’s sweet and delicious!

Irish cream coffees in wide old fashioned champagne glasses, surrounded by clovers, greens, pink roses, glitter, and cyrstals. Each drink is topped with a mint leaf.

How to Make Irish Cream Coffee

First, warm the coconut milk and coconut cream in a pot on the stovetop. Sometimes they can start off with solids, and warming them up will liquefy and blend them back together.

As the milk warms, make your favorite RASA coffee with either an Aeropress, french press, or a drip machine. I like to make mine on the stronger side for the perfect Irish cream coffee flavor, so I let it steep for a few extra minutes.

Next, melt the cacao wafers in a double boiler. I use a makeshift double boiler by adding a couple of inches of water to a pot and setting a bowl on top to warm the chocolate to melting.

Once the chocolate is melted, mix it in the pot with the coconut milk and cream, along with the brewed coffee, and stevia, and vanilla bean powder.

On low heat, continue to whisk and blend all of the ingredients together for about 3 minutes.

Now it’s ready to enjoy!

Celebrate with Irish Cream Coffee and Herbal Goodness

I’m excited to pour up a little bit of this Irish Cream and enjoy the upcoming St. Patricks Day!

More Herbal Coffee Recipes

Vegan Irish Cream with Rasa Coffee

Vegan Irish Cream Coffee

Yield: 4
Prep Time: 10 minutes
Cook Time: 10 minutes
Total Time: 20 minutes

Celebrate St. Patrick's Day with this Vegan Irish Cream Coffee! The perfect drink for those who want to have a healthy St. Patrick's Day.



    1. On a stovetop, heat up the coconut cream and coconut milk to ensure it’s melted and mixed together. Coconut cream out of the can is more solid, but heating it will allow it to melt and mix well!
    2. To make the Rasa, I used an Aeropress and let it steep for a little longer than with normal coffee, just to extract the delicious herbs from the Rasa.
    3. To use this method, heat the water up to 190 degrees in either an electric kettle or on the stove.
    4. Put the bottom with a filter on the Aeropress and put the RASA on top.
    5. Pour the water on the Rasa until it reaches the 4 on the Aeropress, and let it sit for 5 minutes to extract the flavor from the coffee and the herbs. Then plunge into the Aeropress.
    6. If you don’t have an Aeropress, simply make about 1 – 1 1/2 cups of Rasa coffee either in a french press, drip machine, or whichever method is at your disposal. The coffee adds just the right amount of flavor no matter how it is made.
    7. Melt Imlak’esh Cacao Wafers to liquid. To melt, make a quick double boiler using a small pot with a small amount of water in it, and a bowl on top with the cocoa wafers in it. Then heat the wafers until they are completely melted.
    8. In the pot that contains the coconut cream and coconut milk, mix the coffee, and melted cacao wafers. Add 1/2 tsp of stevia to taste. Whisk it all together until smooth.
    9. Let it sit for about 3 minutes on low heat while whisking intermittently.
    10. Enjoy!


Drink warm, or let it chill for a little bit, and serve with an ice cube for a cold version. We drank ours chilled and it was delightful!

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