June, 10th 2018 · Stephanie Mary

Superfood Layered Chia Pudding (vegan, paleo, keto, & body ecology)

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Superfood Layered Chia Pudding (vegan, paleo, keto, & body ecology) is the perfect way to fit your superfoods into your daily routine. This recipe is a superhero in the nutrients department filled with minerals, nutrients & fiber. Now I am not a doctor but I can tell you how I feel every day after taking BrainOn and Blue Magik. I feel like a can think clearly, and that I can focus. I am someone who can deal with lots of anxiety, and when I take these superfoods I feel 100% calmer and at ease.

Superfood Layered Chia Pudding

I also feel more energy and in the moment when taking both of the superfoods powders, it is said that they help with depression as well. When I am taking them regularly I feel completely mellowed out. Just a friend to a friend, they are a little pricey but well worth the investment as I don’t take anti-anxiety prescriptions myself besides these and some other vitamins, or herbal supplements. No shame if you do take any medications I’ve found these work best for me while also going to a certain amount of therapy. With everything in the world going on today, please do what feels best for you whatever that might be. This is just what works best for me, and what I find helpful, therefore I love to share the word. 🙂

E3Live BrainOn Benefits:

Superfood Layered Chia Pudding

Superfood Layered Chia Pudding (vegan, paleo, keto, & body ecology) notes:

  • If you are sugar-free feel free to use any sweetener of your choice.
  • My other favorite recipes using blue majik are my blue majik coconut yogurt popsicles & earth bites.
  • *I will only recommend products I passionately believe in & want you to know that when I make a recommendation, I may receive a referral fee.