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December, 14th 2017

Sugar-Free Freezer Chocolate Bars

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sugar free freezer raw chocolate bar

These sugar-free freezer chocolate bars are my go to when I am eating chocolate – when you make them and find the right mixture for your taste buds they will be yours too The best is that you can add in any extra goodies such as caramel, goji berries, or all the superfoods in general.

I promise you will save money making your own chocolate too as raw vegan paleo sugar-free chocolate can run anywhere from $7-$12 per bar. This is also my staple recipe that I work all of for most of my recipes that call for chocolate. Perfect for just walking into the freezer and grabbing a quick treat.

Products I used & promo codes:

20% off all orders of Lakanto Raw Monk Fruit Sweetener (use promo code: MYTINYLAGUNA)


If you want this recipe to be just refined sugar-free no shame in adding in honey or maple syrup. I would start by adding 1/4 cup of either and add more if your taste buds want more. 

Same goes if you want to use stevia if that is what you have on hand – start by adding 1/2 cup and adding more if you want even more. 

*Pictured is the filling I made with a couple pureed dates & teaspoon of ghee for the caramel filling and pinch of sea salt for extra tasty gooey-ness.  😉

*I will only recommend products I passionately believe in & want you to know that when I make a recommendation, I may receive a referral fee.

Sugar-Free Freezer Chocolate Bars
prep time
15 minutes
cook time
10 minutes
total time
25 minutes
3 Chocolate Bars
What You Will Need
  1. chocolate mold
  2. double broiler or glass pyrex bowl with pot to boil water in
  1. melt.
    melt all of your chocolate ingredients into your glass bowl over a pot of boiling water and turn down the heat to low. (add more raw monk fruit sweetener if you want sweeter – or if you want less sweet just start by adding a half cup and build from there.
  2. pour into molds.
    pour your chocolate into your chocolate molds. (I found mine off of amazon.)
  3. freeze & enjoy!

    Freeze the molds overnight and the next day they will be ready to pop out – keep them frozen as they will melt at room temperature. Feel free to add any date caramel*, nuts, cacao nibs anyway you like it. 🙂 xo enjoy!
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