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March, 12th 2019

Spring Detox Liver Healing Nettle Herbal Coffee Latte

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Spring Detox Liver Healing Nettle Herbal Coffee Latte is a gentle liver cleansing & healing drink with all of the adaptogens, and minerals to gently detox and prepare our bodies for spring. On March 20th the Spring Equinox is approaching and depending on where you live the weather may or may not be starting to warm up. Regardless, it is time to start planting the seeds for spring, even if that is inside. Much like we would germinate our seeds in preparation for spring, we shall do the same for preparing our bodies for spring. This doesn’t have to be anything intimidating or over the top. A few of my tips would be to start adding herbs, such as nettle, chamomile, dandelion, red clover, to your weekly routine.

Spring Detox Liver Healing Nettle Herbal Coffee Latte

For example you much like this recipe, you could simply add in loose nettle tea into your french press while steeping your morning herbal coffee. In spring the recommended organ to cleanse like mentioned in my last spring detox blog post is the liver. Adding in detoxing, and nourishing herbs will do just the trick, while starting to warm our bodies, getting to a gentle or vigorous yoga class to start working out the kinks from our bodies. The cold winter makes our bodies contract and welcoming in the heat, and warmth will start to slowly unwind our fridged corpses.

Spring Detox Liver Healing Nettle Herbal Coffee Latte

As some of you may know we are originally from Wisconsin so by nature even on the West Coast we tend to hibernate, & bundle up during our rainy season. In a sense, we all feel like we are coming out of the dark, much like the metaphor of a plant being buried. We may be in the darkness, just waiting for our time to meet the sun.

My preferred herbal coffee blend is RASA, who I am an affiliate for as they have beyond high standards for quality of herbs, & adaptogens. I’ve been enjoying a cup of one of their 3 blends daily in order to get all of my daily adaptogens in. It doesn’t hurt the drink itself is absolutely delicious.

*I will only recommend products I passionately believe in & want you to know that when I make a recommendation, I may receive a referral fee*

Spring Detox Liver Healing Nettle Herbal Coffee Latte Print
prep time
5 minutes
cook time
5 minutes
total time
10 minutes
What You Will Need


  1. Heat your water to around 200-210 degrees.
  2. Pour herbal coffee blend into a french press.
  3. Pour water over & cover.
  4. Let steep for 5 minutes.
  5. Pour strained herbal coffee into your blender.
  6. Add coconut butter, sweetener, & collagen peptides.
  7. Cover and blend until smooth.
  8. Enjoy!

Spring Detox Liver Healing Nettle Herbal Coffee Latte

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