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Seed Cycling Moon Cookies (vegan, keto, paleo & body ecology)

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Seed Cycling Moon Cookies (vegan, keto, paleo & body ecology) are the most magical and hormone balancing cookies you will ever make. I’ve just been introduced a couple of months ago to seed cycling another way to tackle balancing hormones. I’m going to briefly tell you why it is good for you to seed cycle. I will also post a few more links to information for you.

Seed Cycling Moon Cookies

Our menstrual cycles have two main phases:

+ The follicular phase (phase 1) begins with menstruation
+ The luteal phase (phase 2) starts after ovulation 

How To Seed Cycle

You will consume one tablespoon of each of the specific freshly ground seeds per day in equal parts (two tablespoons total). Where to start depends on how familiar you are with your cycle and how regular it is. This is where a period tracker or a good old-fashioned calendar can help.

The follicular phase lasts about 14 days, starting on the first day of menstruation. In this phase, our estrogen levels start low and steadily increase in preparation for ovulation (the release of an egg) and potential pregnancy. Rising estrogen levels increase luteinizing hormone (LH) levels while decreasing estrogen levels cause the release of follicle stimulating hormone (FSH) – so there’s a fine line between too much and too little estrogen, and imbalanced levels can wreak havoc on these other hormones too. If we keep estrogen levels balanced, LH and FSH levels will follow. Cycling with seeds that contain phytoestrogens will do just that. Phytoestrogens are a plant-based source of estrogen that adapts to the body’s estrogen levels. They increase estrogen levels where needed, yet they also can decrease excess estrogen in the body. This is thanks to the lignans they contain, which bind to estrogen receptors and help to modulate estrogen production. Along with phytoestrogens, seeds that are high in omega 3s are also beneficial, as omega 3s help to reduce inflammation in the body, regulate FSH levels and support reproductive membrane function.

Along with the seed cycling, fish oil supplementation during the follicular phase can be a beneficial addition as it’s a powerful anti-inflammatory and another great source of omega 3s.

Start phase 1 cycling on the first day of your period and continue it for approximately 14 days. If you’re aware of your day of ovulation (which can be determined by testing your cervical mucus or using an at-home kit), continue the cycle until this day. If your follicular phase lasts longer than three weeks, this is a sign that you may have some imbalances.

Flax Seeds
+ High in lignans to block excess estrogen production
+ High in omega 3s

Pumpkin Seeds
+ Rich in zinc, which prepares the body for progesterone secretion in the next phase
+ High in omega 3s

Fish Oil (Bonus)
+ Contains EPA and DHA, important omega 3 fats found only in cold water fish
+ High in lignans

Seed Cycling Moon Cookies

The luteal phase should last at least ten days, and any less is a clear indicator of low progesterone and possible fertility issues. Progesterone is responsible for enhancing the endometrium (uterine lining) and facilitating egg implantation, and reaching adequate levels of progesterone requires this timeframe. The luteal phase is brought on by the sudden drop in estrogen, FSH, and LH, which occurs just after ovulation. This is when progesterone levels should begin to rise steadily. Estrogen levels also increase during this phase, and if they get too high, they’re responsible for PMS symptoms and a difficult cycle. Progesterone keeps estrogen in check, and so modulating healthy progesterone levels is vital for reproductive health. In this phase, we want to focus on omega 6s, which convert into gamma-linolenic acid (GLA) in the body, supporting progesterone levels and reducing inflammation in the body related to PMS.

In addition to the seed cycling, evening primrose oil (EPO) supplementation during the luteal phase can be helpful as well, as it’s another source of omega 6s and helps to reduce PMS pain and boost fertility.

Begin phase 2 after ovulation or after two weeks to balance hormones. If you have an irregular cycle or if you suffer from amenorrhea, an easy start date is on the first day of the new moon. This allows for a simple date sequence to keep track of and allows you to follow an equal, alternating 14-day cycle.

Sesame Seeds
+ High in lignans to modulate estrogen and progesterone levels
+ High in omega 6 (which converts into GLA in the body)

Sunflower Seeds
+ High in selenium, which supports liver function to prevent clogging from excess hormones, resulting in proper hormone excretion
+ High in omega 6 (which converts into GLA in the body)

Evening Primrose Oil (Bonus)
+ High in gamma-linolenic acid (GLA) and another important omega 6 fatty acid

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Seed Cycling Moon Cookies

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Seed Cycling Moon Cookies (vegan, keto, paleo & body ecology) notes:

  • If you are not sugar-free feel free to use dates for the sweetener. They will end up tasting like brownies.
  • This recipe would be ideal for your FOLLICULAR PHASE.
  • For your LUTEAL PHASE, you can sub out the pumpkin butter and flax seeds for sunflowers and/or tahini.