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Rose Caramel Filled Chocolate Truffles (vegan, paleo, & refined sugar-free)
prep time
15 minutes
cook time
20 minutes
total time
35 minutes
What You Will Need

Rose caramel filling:

chocolate shell:

  • in a double boiler, start to melt your chocolate and add in the raw monk fruit – add more sweetener if desired.
  • now carefully spoon the melted chocolate into your silicone truffle molds, use a silicone brush or your fingers to distribute the chocolate evenly within the mold.
  • place into the freezer until solid.
  • make your caramel filling by placing all the ingredients except chocolate until a food processor.
  • pulse on high for 1-4 minutes adds more lemon juice or coconut oil if it is too thick, you will know it’s complete when the mix is sticking together and will look just like caramel.
  • now take out the silicone molds from the freezer and spoon the caramel into the molds – again be very careful.
  • once the caramel fills ALMOST to the top of the mold, fill the rest of the room with more melted chocolate.
  • place into the freezer for about 2 hours or until completely solid. if the chocolate starts to crack when popping out the chocolates it is too soon, so put them back into the freezer a little longer.
  • store in the freezer for 1-3 months (if they last that long) ENJOY! xo

Rose Caramel Filled Chocolate Truffles

Magically Crafted By My Tiny Laguna Kitchen: