May, 9th 2018 · Stephanie Mary

Rose Caramel Filled Chocolate Truffles (vegan, paleo, & refined sugar-free)

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Rose caramel filled chocolate truffles (vegan, paleo, & refined sugar-free) it’s mother’s day! and I have been waiting sooo long to make these for the Moms in my life. The caramel is 100% vegan, paleo, delicious and so easy to whip up. The rose dust gives the caramel just the right hint of a delicate taste of rose.

I believe all the women in our lives deserve a special treat so why not impress them by making them a fancy caramel filled chocolate truffle? It really amazes me as I get older the women I know who work and have kids. I know that sounds so simple to say but in all honestly just being an adult is a hand full. The women I work with who juggle getting their whole family? and here I am jumping on the toll road just to save myself a few minutes of time to just get myself to work.

So for all you Momma’s out there, I give you all the shoutouts. Let’s be real the men and Father’s deserve shoutouts too. My passion is to come up with simple recipes that you can whip up for your family and friends that are healthy and good for you.

This truffle is fully refined sugar-free which I love to make for my loved ones so they can see they don’t need the processed chocolates and candies or really to see there are other options out there. Remember chocolate and cacao are considered superfoods in my book. 😀

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rose caramel filled chocolate truffles (vegan, paleo, & refined sugar-free) notes:

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Rose Caramel Filled Chocolate Truffles