August, 21st 2018 · Stephanie Mary

Quinoa Adaptogen Granola (gluten-free, vegan, & body ecology)

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Quinoa Adaptogen Granola (gluten-free, vegan, & body ecology) is a simple recipe for anyone looking to make a healthy and delicious granola. I’ve found it hard to go into a grocery store these days and find a granola that I actually want to buy. Most of them have some form of sugar or oats for the top ingredients list.

Quinoa Adaptogen Granola

After a couple years of boycotting granola altogether because none of them agreed with my gut. I decided to get into the kitchen on a hot summer’s day and bake up some delicious granola.

One that is gluten-free, vegan, fruit-free, sugar-free and body ecology friendly. Now my friends let me introduce you to one of the most versatile ingredients in a gluten-free kitchen. Quinoa Flakes! They are super easy to whip up on the stove and make a wonderful replacement for oatmeal or porridge if you have been missing these things while on a specific diet.

Quinoa flakes are also so very comforting, fluffy and nourishing. Although I haven’t had oats in what seems like years,  making quinoa flakes take me back to my childhood days of oatmeal packets with the colorful dinosaur eggs that change the oatmeal different colors.

Quinoa Adaptogen Granola

Making this recipe is super duper simple as all you have to do is make the quinoa flakes and work out of one pan. It is also very versatile if you have similar or extra ingredients on hand you can easily swap them out for another.

Quinoa Adaptogen Granola (gluten-free, vegan, & body ecology):

  • If you are completely body ecology this could be stage 1 if you’re able to digest baked ingredients well. Otherwise, save this recipe for stage 2.
  • If you are just paleo or can have any sweetener feel free, to use banana, honey, maple syrup or your favorite sweetener of choice.
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