June, 7th 2019 · Stephanie Mary

No-Bake Brownie Truffles

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Want something rich, decadent, gooey and oh so chocolatey? Here’s your treat! These No-Bake Brownie Truffles are everything you need with minimal work! I promise you, these truffles are a hit. I can easily whip up a batch of these delicious little treats in no time flat. Not only are they no-bake, they are so easy to make and take very few ingredients. By the way, they are also vegan and sweetened naturally with dates! You can thank me later 😉

Little Truffles of Joy

So I’ve been making these babies for years. Recently, with my complete reduction in sugar intake, I’ve been making these for family and friends. They are still a blast to make and bring joy to all of my loved ones. I will advocate for these truffles being processed sugar-free and naturally sweetened. I promise, if you give one of these to a loved one who loves their sugar, they will not only enjoy it, they might even enjoy it more than a sugar-filled cupcake! The art of creating food and sharing with friends is such a powerful gift!

brownie truffles

Easy As 1, 2, 3

As I said, these no-bake brownie truffles are super easy to make and absolutely delicious. All you need is a food processor and an ice cream scoop if you want perfect sizes (not necessary, especially if you want to play with the dough). First, you, grind your walnuts to a flour in your food processor. This will make the rest of the process much smoother and give your truffles a smooth finish. Second, add the rest of the ingredients to the food processor. Finally, roll up the truffles and enjoy! They are no-bake so you can enjoy right away! I do like the truffles chilled a little before I enjoy them, but it’s not necessary!

These treats are amazing for anyone who wants to cut out processed sugars and delicious any time of the year. If you are looking for some entirely sugar-free, Body Ecology friendly desserts check out the Adaptogenic Cold Brew Coffee Coconut Ice Cream or the Minty Mocha Coconut Butter Cups . I also have a lot of other Body Ecology recipes available when you filter by category: https://mytinylagunakitchen.com/lifestyle/body-ecology/.

brownie truffles
brownie truffles

So, did you make them? Let me know your thoughts and if you shared them with friends in the comment section below!

brownie truffles

No-Bake Brownie Truffles

Yield: 25 Truffles
Prep Time: 10 minutes
Cook Time: 10 minutes
Total Time: 20 minutes

These no-bake brownie truffles are some of my favorite dessert. They are so simple to make and you'd never know they are refined-sugar free!



  1. Put your walnuts into the food processor add walnuts and blend in the food processor until the walnuts became a flour, I promise this step is crucial!
  2. Add the rest of ingredients let the food processor run until everything has been fully blended, once done do the stick test by pinching the mix to see if it starts to
    form together.
  3. Create your truffles here you can use a scooper or your hands to form the truffles.
  4. Enjoy.

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