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July, 30th 2017

key lime avo pie

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with summer here this is an easy recipe to throw together quickly for a night in or a night out with friends. what I love about this is how sweet and tart it is. the yogurt gives it the right tart and the raw monk fruit fulfills your sweet tooth without your sugar levels going sky high. it’s a light and fluffy dessert for all crowds you don’t even have to tell them it’s good for them. from my tiny kitchen to yours. enjoy! xoxo

key lime avo pie
prep time
25 minutes
cook time
total time
1 Pie
What You Will Need
  • high speed blender
  • pie pan
  • food processor
  •  dried kiwi (for crust)
  •  6 Ounces organic shredded coconut (for crust)
  •  pitted dates (for crust)
  •  organic raw honey (for crust)
  •  ripe avocados (for filling)
  •  16 Ounces kill hill almond plain/unsweetened yogurt (for filling)
  •  5 Tablespoons raw monk fruit (for filling)
  •  limes squeezed (for filling)
  •  drop of doterra lime oil (optional) (for filling)
  1. crust making time

    Add the dried kiwi, organic shredded coconut shreds, dates & honey into the food processor.
  2. blend the crust ingredients

    pulse the ingredients for about 4-5 minutes – really just until all the ingredients have become fine enough to stick together.
  3. pour it up

    add all the crust ingredients into your desired pie pan.
  4. get sticky

    time to get sticky & press the dough into the pan – I find it the easiest using your hands to form the dough flat on the bottom of the pan working your way up. place pan into freezer to set while you make the filling.
  5. get blended

    place your avocado, almond yogurt, raw monk fruit, lime juice, and 1 drop of doterra lime oil into a any blender or preferrable a high-speed blender.
  6. blend into smooth/whipped

    blend for about 2-5 minutes once the filling has started to get a nice fluffy and whipped consistency. if it needs a little more sweet add in more raw monk fruit, if it needs more tart squeeze in 1/2 a lime until you reach your desired taste.
  7. fill it up 😀

    time to pour your delicious pie filling into the crust. distribute the filling evenly throughout the pan.
  8. let the magic happen.

    crank the tunes to sprinkle with your all love, edible flowers, crystals and a sliced lime. or really whatever your heart desires.

    place in or fridge until your would like to serve – can put into the freezer to save for a later date. just take it out and put in fridge for about 48 hours before your party to de-thaw.

    most importantly ENJOY! 😀

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