December, 30th 2017 · Stephanie Mary

key lime pudding (body ecology, keto, paleo, raw, vegan)

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With the holiday’s coming to an end, Key Lime Pudding might just be an answered prayer. I was thinking what can I make for New Years without compromising my body’s healing progress? Well, key lime pudding is definitely a recipe to make without sacrificing your inner ecology.

With the holidays and recipe testing goodies for my family, friends, and community my body and digestive system need a break. Is anyone else feeling the same way?

Key lime pie has always been a favorite of mine, although I’m 99% of the time a chocolate everything gal. Once again my body and health know how important it is to take a break and change it up.

This key lime pudding is super duper simple to make with only 4 ingredients, literally. It will take you 5 minutes to blend everything up in your food processor. If you are still needing a treat for the night or any parties, this is your jam.

key lime pudding

Key Lime Pudding Benefits:

Avocados are super healthy for your heart, great for vision, filled to the brim with nutrients & improves digestion.

Coconut Oil is naturally immunity boosting, antibacterial, anti-fungal & anti-candida, protects the liver, reduces inflammation,

Lime juice naturally aids digestion, relieves constipation, helps to detox the body, and known for it’s antibiotic properties.

Adaptogen options: 1 teaspoon of chlorella from Sun Potion for extra superfood/adaptogen benefits and really for a nice BRIGHT beautiful green color. 🙂

Benefits of Chlorella: (from Sun Potion’s website)

  • 10% Chlorophyll
  • 50% Protein
  • Essential Fatty Acids
  • Chlorella Growth Factor & may support gentle detoxification of heavy metals

Topping tip and optional add-ins:

Top with the cultured coconut pudding/ cream or if you aren’t on B.E.D. feel free to top with coconut cream.

I topped with edible flowers, raw monk fruit, lime finger segments (look them up – they are amazing and add wonderful texture.

Storage Tips:

Store pudding in the fridge until eaten. However, I wouldn’t keep it in the fridge for longer than a week.

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