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Iced Oatstraw Tulsi Rose Moon Milk

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In Southern California, temperatures have been rising quickly. Last week we had a few days over 90 degrees! Those temperatures called for a cooler drink, so I decided to create an iced moon milk. Previously, I had only created warm moon milks, but the idea came to mind to try and come up with an iced moon milk to help cool off and de-stress. I’m really excited to share with you my iced oat straw tulsi rose moon milk! It was exactly what I needed to cool down and relax during those hot days.

Mixture of herbs for the iced moon milk

What is a Moon Milk?

A moon milk is a drink that helps to calm your nerves and regulate your nervous system. Moon milks are an accessible, simple, delicious drink that delivers your daily herbs and adaptogens in a single serving. On the blog, we have many warm moon milk recipes, which are wonderful to warm you up on a cool day. If you are in love with moon milks (just like I am), I an e-book with a wide variety of moon milk recipes, rituals, and poetry.

For this moon milk, I wanted to mix it up a little bit. I wanted to make an easy way to get your daily adaptogens and herbs when it was hot outside. So I took a few of my favorite herbs and adaptogens and designed a moon milk that would be refreshing and delicious when iced. The iced moon milk I created is cooling and hydrating when the temperatures are hot. I chose some of my favorite herbs, combined then with some coconut milk and spices and the final result is oh so delicious.

Top down shot of the steeping herbs
The herbs steeping for the iced moon milk in a tea steeper

A little about the herbs

For this recipe, I chose to make moon milk with oatstraw, tulsi and rose. Let’s start with oat straw and tulsi. What do these two herbs have in common? They are both nervines that help your nervous system to calm down. This allows you to ground and connect with yourself. On hot days our minds can get distracted and overwhelmed. With these nervines, we can come back to the center and find some peace. Rose assists in this process as well. Rose helps to protect, heal, and bring you into your heart center.

Let’s dive into each of these herbs a little more and check out their benefits.

What are the benefits of Tulsi?

Tulsi is known as an adaptogenic herb. Adaptogens are known for building the nervous system, mind, and body’s resistance to stress. When you have a long-term relationship with adaptogens you are quite literally building a foundation within yourself to be able to adapt in a natural, and holistic way.

Tulsi is also a nervine, which means that you are directly working with the nervous system to assist in regulating your stress levels. Tulsi is a really wonderful plant ally in honing focus. This is really helpful for those of us who can use gentle stimulation to focus. Tulsi helps to ground our attention into the present moment and focus on the project in front of us.

What are the benefits of Oatstraw?

Oatstraw is a fellow nervine, similar to Tulsi. Oat straw nourishes the body with calm and grounding energy. Whenever we drink Oatstraw, we feel this gentle energy that assists in meeting the day with a more calm state. On hotter days, there is a lot of physical energy that surrounds us. Oat straw provides a calming effect that helps us manage the energy around us.

Oatstraw also has a gentle sweetness, with notes of oats, and honey. I enjoy making oat straw infusions to get even more of the benefits from this amazing herb. In this iced moon milk, you can detect the gentle sweetness from the oat straw and it’s really refreshing.

What are the benefits of Rose?

Rose is the queen of protection and boundaries while also caring for and energetically nourishing the heart. Roses bring in a beautiful flavor that compliments the Tulsi and Oatstraw. Rose also provides a little more grounding energy and brings you into your heart center.

Final iced moon milk, ready to cool and refresh.
Side shot of the iced moon milk

The complimentary other ingredients

We can’t forget the other magical spices and ingredients that make this iced moon milk delicious. I always choose to use coconut milk as the base for my moon milk. Coconut milk adds that cooling, delicious, silky smooth texture to your moon milk. It’s delicious in both warm and iced moon milk.

Vanilla bean powder is also essential. The vanilla bean powder adds that extra flavor notes that really ties the moon milk together and makes this a delectable treat. Combined with the sweetener of your choice, it’s an amazing addition to your moon milk. For sweeteners, I usually use powdered stevia, but honey, monk fruit, or maple syrup are good options as well.

A few moon milks and crystals for beauty

Creating Your Own

The moon milk itself is fairly easy to make. If you are in an area where temperatures are still chilly don’t fret. All you have to do is skip the ice, as this recipe is versatile when it comes to temperatures, and is delicious both ways warm or cool.

I’d love to hear your thoughts and see what you come up with. Make sure to reach out or tag me on Instagram (@mytinylagunakitchen)!

3 iced moon milks ready to be shared with friends.
Iced Oatstraw Tulsi Rose Moon Milk

Iced Oatstraw Tulsi Rose Moon Milk

Yield: 1-2
Prep Time: 5 minutes
Cook Time: 10 minutes
Total Time: 15 minutes

For warmer days, this iced moon milk is a great way to get your adaptogens and hydration in a delicious easy-to-make drink!



  1. Add oatstraw, tulsi, and rose petals into a teapot.
  2. Pour over hot water.
  3. Steep tea for 5-10 minutes.
  4. While tea to steeping, start to mix together the coconut milk, vanilla bean powder, collagen peptides, and stevia or sweetener of choice until well blended.
  5. Strain your tea into a drinking glass, pour the milk over the tea, and add ice!
  6. Enjoy right away.


  1. Feel free to use your milk of choice.
  2. See the link below to find the milk frother that I use and love!

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