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Homemade Almond Joys

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Homemade Almond Joys are chocolaty, coconut-y, and completely refined sugar-free! My inspiration for making these homemade almond joys was a small raw vegan cafe in Southern California that I frequently visited. I literally could never get enough, so I had to try and make my own. I would go into the shop almost daily to get my fix, but after a couple of years, they started modifying the recipe. The restaurant stopped adding as much chocolate to the top, and my chocolate loving self just couldn’t handle it! It’s such a silly story but all true folks! So, I put matters into my own hands and started doing a little recipe testing! Don’t worry, I didn’t leave the chocolate out! 😉

After I perfected the recipe, I make these Homemade Almonds Joys on the regular. Whenever I bring these babies to parties, everyone goes crazy for them!  If you are going to a party and need a hit that’s also easy to make, vegan – no refined sugar added recipe – look no further! I promise you, no one will be disappointed!

Picture of Almond Joys in the jar

Joy at the Source

I know I mentioned the wonderful chocolate on top, but let me tell you, the base of the almond joys is just as decadent. I give myself a day or two head start to sprout some organic almonds. Sprouting the almonds releases the unnecessary acids and activates the nutrients stored up in those delicious little seeds. Once sprouted, I then take the almonds, dates, and coconut, place them in the food processor and make amazing little balls of joy! With sprouted almonds, you taste a more intense hit of almond flavor. That more intense almond flavor plays kindly with the chocolate on top.

A few almond joys and some magical crystals

Cherry (I mean Chocolate) on Top

I go for the most chocolate on top of these! I’m a huge chocolate-aholic so the more the merrier in my book. I make the chocolate by combining cacao powder, honey, and coconut oil to give it a smooth gooey texture and sweet taste. If you are following a fully vegan diet, feel free to substitute the honey for some maple syrup. I always justify a little more chocolate on top because you get some nutrients from the cacao! After combined, I put a little drop on the top of the almond balls. I then place a whole almond on top.

Homemade Almond Joys are great for any holiday, party, birthday, event or just because. I’ll be honest, in the community, this is the recipe I am known for the most. These balls of joy can be made easily, they taste delicious, and they can be devoured in one small bite!

I also love that the Almond Joys don’t leave you feeling a sugar-hang-over! They are just the perfect size & filled with good for your ingredients, such as almonds, cacao, & healthy fats! Like I mentioned before, if you want them to be fully vegan, feel free to substitute out the honey for maple syrup. 😍

Just a little bite of almond joy

Every day is a good Homemade Almond Joy Day

With the summer right around the corner, these are perfect to make since you don’t have to turn on your oven, they are completely no-bake!. However, I guarantee you, they can be enjoyed at any time of the year!  I keep them cool in the fridge or a freezer, as they are very sensitive to temperature. If you are like me and love taking them to the beach, I’d recommend that you pack them in a cooler.

A jar of Almond joys. The perfect gift for the holidays!
A jar of Almond joys. The perfect gift for the holidays!

Homemade Almond Joys

Yield: 34 Almond Joys
Prep Time: 30 minutes
Cook Time: 15 minutes
Total Time: 45 minutes

These homemade almond joys are some of my all time favorite snacks! They are wonderfully sweet while being refined sugar free. Perfect for yourself or as a gift for the holidays!


Almond Joy Base

Chocolate Topping


  1. Add all of the base ingredients to a food processor except for 1/3 cup of almonds (they will be used to place on top) and blend until sticky.
  2. Using a clean tablespoon, scoop the dough for the base onto a pan with parchment paper. Space equally.
  3. Place into fridge or freezer while you make the chocolate topping.
  4. In a clean food processor, add all of the ingredients for the chocolate topping.
  5. Blend until ingredients are nice and smooth. Make sure to take a sample to ensure the chocolate is sweet enough or you should add more honey/maple syrup.
  6. Remove the base from the freezer and add the chocolate topping to the top.
  7. Add an almond on top of the chocolate top.
  8. They are ready to eat! If you want to take them to work or a party, I'd recommend putting them into your freezer to set. Once frozen, you can place them into a container to go!
Nutrition Information:
Yield: 34 Serving Size: 1
Amount Per Serving: Calories: 137Total Fat: 10.4gCholesterol: 0mgSodium: 8.7mgCarbohydrates: 9.8gSugar: 6.5gProtein: 2.1g

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