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your to go guide to make COCONUT YOGURT
prep time
60 minutes
cook time
total time
What You Will Need
  • high-speed blender like a vitamix
  •  16-32 Ounces young thai coconut meat (fresh or frozen)
  •  1 Cup coconut water
  •  1/2 Cup organic unsweetened cranberry juice (optional)
  •  2 capsules raw probotics
  •  2 Teaspoons Ecobloom from Body Ecology (also optional)
  1. get coconut meat.

    Once the coconut meat is completely defrosted on the counter with the package unopened. For a faster defrost, place the frozen coconut meat pouch into a cold water bath. When it is defrosted, it is ready to use right away.

    If you are using fresh coconut meat the ounces will always vary hence why i added 16oz-32oz of coconut meat.

  2. blend.

    Now blend the thawed coconut meat with the coconut water and juice if you are using until fully blended and smooth. I like to add the cup of coconut water slowly the less you have the thicker the yogurt will become – if you need more in order to blend just add a splash at a time.

    This is the step you can add in your cranberry juice (or any fruit juice, berries or anything to flavor the yogurt. Blend again until smooth and when you have desired taste.

    To sweeten more I like to add stevia or raw monk fruit when the fermentation is done.

  3. pour it up.

    pour your mixture into 32oz mason jars – you can also make a lot of single serving sizes which is great for an on the go snack.
  4. add your pre & probiotics.

    before you put your lid onto the jars pour the powders into the blended coconut. VERY IMPORTANT! only use a WOOD spoon to mix the powders into the coconut. Metal will kill the probotics.

    once again you do not NEED a prebiotics BUT it will help to feed & multiple the live probiotics – I find my mix always comes out super fluffy. 😀

  5. store the jars away.

    Option 1: place the jars either into a dehydrator at 95-110 degrees for 12 hours.

    Option 2: put into your instant pot and press the yogurt button.

    Option 3: place them in a dark cupboard for 24 hours.

    Option 4: place the jars into your oven – do not turn the oven on just turn the light on to keep the oven a little warm for 24 hours.

    your yogurt will make quicker at a controlled temperature but a dehydrator or an instant pot is not needed.

  6. add in your superfoods & sweeten to taste (optional step)

    this step is optional but the artist in you will enjoy it if you feel the need. this is where you can open your yogurt and taste to see if you like the plain version. if you keep as is or add in some superfoods – my favorites are added in the notes above. to sweetened add in honey, stevia, raw monk fruit or anything that tickles your fancy.

    now ENJOY & celebrate! you made your own coconut yogurt.

    TIPS to keep FRESH: keep the yogurt in the fridge or about 2-4 weeks when you eat the yogurt out of a big jar use a clean spoon everytime. (I just spoon into a clean bowl with a clean jar everytime I serve myself)

    also be aware it is totally normal for the yogurt to start to ooze out of the jars when you open it. it means you got a lucky one. 😉 and proves how much healthy gut probotics are alive in your batches. good job! to avoid this some when filling jars before fermentation keep an inch or two below the lid. your yogurt will grow. xoxoxo

    please reach out or comment if you have any questions or feedback. let me know if you made it and how much fun you had. xo

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