July, 1st 2019 · Stephanie Mary

Frittata with Spinach (and other greens)

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With just a few ingredients, you can make this frittata with spinach! This frittata is delicious any time of day and is nourishing, quick and easy to make, and is a great meal for any morning, weeknight or weekend. Oh, and by the way, frittatas make great leftovers!

We tend to make frittatas when we have some spare ingredients lying around. Literally, you can throw in all of your green veggies, leftover sausages, a few eggs and come out with a filling meal. During the week we love to make frittatas, especially when Dan and I are both working from home. We usually will have leftover sausages or meat from another meal to use up.

Let’s Mix It Up

Like I mentioned, frittatas are usually a combination of all the goodies we had as leftovers. First, we chop up the veggies. These can either be fresh or on their last leg, mixed together with eggs and meat, the whole mixture will taste amazing.

Next, we find some meat. Usually Dan and I will have a few sausages left from the week. In this case we had some pasture raised chicken jalapeño sausages left over. I sliced them up and mixed them in with the veggies.

Spring Broccolini and Greens Frittata

For eggs, we love to use farmers market pastured raised eggs from our local farmers but you can use anything that you have in stock. The farm fresh eggs tie the other ingredients together and make for an excellent tasting frittata.

The trick to a good frittata is a well-used and loved Cast Iron Skillet. We bought ours off of Amazon at a really affordable price, and have had it for a couple of years. Cast irons are one of those things where they only get better with time, as long as you take care of them and season them.

We start making the frittata on the stove in order to get the veggies and inside filling of your choice. Next, we transport it to the oven so it will finish it off nicely by distributing the heat evenly. Making frittatas is always a great way to sneak in the extra veggies, for yourself, kids or men in your life too!

Spring Broccolini and Greens Frittata

Whenever we make a frittata we either make one big batch for the same day, to have leftovers.  Or we love to meal prep frittatas for the next 1-3 days.

Spring Broccolini and Greens Frittata


Get Creative!

This frittata is simple to make and delicious to eat, however, you can be as creative as you want! Frittatas are so customizable! If  you want to, you can add other veggies, cheese, avocado, probiotic-rich vegan sour cream, salsa, edible flowers, microgreens, etc. What are some of your favorite ingredients? I’m always stoked to see what other creations you guys come up with. Make sure to tag me on Instagram (@mytinylagunakitchen) with your creations!