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Flower-Infused Body Olive Oil

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Making your own luxurious, sustainable and affordable Flower-Infused Body Olive Oil is beyond simple. This infusion can be used by itself as a body oil or massage oil, but also as a base to even more homemade skincare products! You can use this flower-infused olive oil in lotion, salves, lip balms & so much more!

Flower Infused Olive Oil
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How long will it take to make a flower-infused body olive oil?

This is the first question I get asked when I talk about infusing flowers in olive oil. When you are using the slow method of infusing your herbs & flowers in oil on your shelf it will take 4-6 weeks until the oil is ready. It’s a slow process, but totally worth the wait so definitely plan ahead if you are making theses as gifts!

If you want to speed up the process, you can put the oil & flowers into a glass jar with a lid of slightly boiling water for 6-8 hours. I prefer the longer method but if you are in a pinch it works well. Your oil won’t be as fragrant, as the slow method, but it will still work just as great!

Flower Infused Olive Oil
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How to use a finished oil?

You’ve now created this magical flower infusion, so what do you do now? With a creation this diverse, you can do a lot!

You can use the finished oil as a body oil, massage oil, or as a base for other herbal infused products. For example, you can use the oil as a base to make homemade salves & lotions. It’s best to apply in the morning and evening after a nice and refreshing shower or bath.

What kind of flowers can I use in my infused oil?

Making these oils, you are in charge of the creativity! You can use rose, lavender, calendula, chamomile, violet, or cornflower. I HIGHLY recommend using an organic flower since you will be applying the finished product on your skin. I also recommend using a dried flower, but you can use fresh flowers as well.

Flower Infused Olive Oil
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What are the benefits of using an infused oil on my skin?

Using a homemade floral-infused oil on your skin is an amazing way to nourish & hydrate the skin. The best part is making your own oil is beyond affordable, zero-waste, and SO good for your skin. When we buy products with a variety of toxic & unknown ingredients, it can damage our endocrine system. This means it can increase the estrogen in our body and leave us needing to rebalance our hormones. Making your own infused oils not only puts you in control of the ingredients in the mixture, it smells & feels amazing as well!

On an energetic level, using a fat-soluble oil on our body infused with flowers helps to merge your energy with the vibration of the flowers, Think about it, flowers are these beautiful, blooming, magical living creatures. It’s like taking a flower essence but topically!

Flower Infused Olive Oil
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I personally believe that using oil to moisturize is wonderful for empaths & highly sensitive people. Using oil helps us re-balance our energy and vibrations while the fat from the oil helps to shield any unwanted energy. The effects are therapeutic and you can get a dash of aromatherapy as well!

Why olive oil? Can I use other oils besides olive oil?

I personally love using an organic unrefined olive oil as it is really affordable, easy to find, and organic olive oil has Vitamin E & K which help to naturally preserve the oil for longer shelf life.

If you are looking for alternative olive oil, you can use Avocado Oil, Jojoba Oil, or Grapeseed oil. All of these oils contain Vitamin E, but if you want to preserve the shelf life of your infusion, it wouldn’t hurt to add a little extra Vitamin E Oil.

Flower Infused Olive Oil
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Where can I learn more about homemade herbal skincare?

I learned most of my skincare knowledge taking the Herbal Academy course titled Botanical Skin Care Course. I can’t recommend the course enough! It dives into Ayurveda, Chinese Medicine practices, ingredients, herbal practices, how to make easy & beautiful skincare, & so much more! This post is NOT paid or gifted, I spent my own money on this course, and love sharing what I learn and helping others find inspiring content!

Let me know how you enjoy making flower-infused body olive oil. Tag me on Instagram (@mytinylagunakitchen), I’d love to see what you create and help if you need it! If you are looking for a one-stop-shop to purchase all the ingredients at Mountain Rose Herbs is my go-to, as they have sustainable, organic products.

Flower Infused Olive Oil

Flower-Infused Body Olive Oil

Yield: 3 Cups
Prep Time: 5 minutes
Cook Time: 10 minutes
Total Time: 15 minutes

Making your own luxurious, sustainable, affordable Flower Infused Olive Oil is beyond simple! You can use the oil as a body oil, a massage oil, or even as a base to more homemade skincare products.


  1. Break dried flowers with your clean hands to make sure the oil can cover everything.
  2. Fill a clean, dry glass jar half full with the dried flowers
  3. Pour room-temperature olive oil all over the dried flowers in the jar.
  4. Almost to the top, make sure flowers are completely covered and oil has at least 1 inch above the top of the flowers.
  5. Use a clean, dry spoon or knife to mix thoroughly so that all herb surfaces are fully coated and no air bubbles remain.
  6. Place a square piece of natural waxed paper on top of the jar, to seal the
    jar with a lid (this will protect the herbal oil from any toxic coating
    that could be on the lid.
  7. Gently stir or shake the jar back and forth in your hands to thoroughly mix the flowers and oil.
  8. Place the jar in a dark, warm spot, but not directly in the sunlight.
  9. Let the infused oil sit for 4-6 weeks. Every 1-3 days, gently shake the jar in your hands to help fully mix the oil & flowers and to release the flower's nutrients into the oil.
  10. Strain the oil after 4-6 weeks.
  11. Place the cheesecloth-lined strainer inside a large measuring cup or bowl.
  12. Pour the oil & flowers from the jar into the strainer.
  13. With clean hands grab the ends of the cheesecloth together and squeeze the remaining oil from the flowers into the bowl.
  14. You can set the jar on top of the measuring glass overnight if you want to get every last drop!
  15. Pour the oil into a clean, dry glass jar with a lid.
  16. Label the jar and store it in a cool, and dark place.
  17. Enjoy!


  • I love getting my oils & dried flowers from Mountain Rose Herbs, as they are organic and well-sourced.

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