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Earth Day Superfood Bites (vegan, paleo, & gluten-free)

Originally published on April, 21st 2018. Last updated on July 14th, 2019 Skip to Recipe

Earth Day superfood bites (vegan, paleo, & gluten-free) came to me last year when I was making a treat for our yoga community Earth Day potluck. A few times a year we have these amazing potlucks in Laguna Beach, CA to celebrate the new season, friendship, community and Momma Earth. Therefore I have been waiting over a year to make and post this recipe! I’ve been the most excited! I also love being an advocate for Momma Earth, don’t you agree we all hold a part of her in our hands?

These superfood bites are a spin-off of my Brownie Truffles which are a huge hit with any of my friends and family. The difference is these babies are coated with magical, earthy superfoods like green spirulina, blue spirulina and hemp seeds. One of my most craved combinations is spirulina with any chocolate. May sound a bit odd but I promise you there is nothing quite like it.

earth day superfood bites

The Healthy Benefits of Raw Organic Cacao:

earth day superfood bites

The Health Benefits Of Blue Majik:

earth day superfood bites

Earth Day superfood bites (vegan, paleo, & gluten-free) notes:

  • If you are sugar-free I’ll be posting a recipe soon for a version of any fat bombs or bliss bites. I would leave out the dates and replace with a nut butter, flax seeds, coconut oil, and a coconut yogurt.
  • *I will only recommend products I passionately believe in & want you to know that when I make a recommendation, I may receive a referral fee.

Earth Day Superfood Bites (vegan, paleo, & gluten-free)
prep time
5 minutes
cook time
25 minutes
total time
30 minutes
24 bites
What You Will Need

Colored decoration:

  1. put your walnuts into the food processor
    add walnuts and blend in the food processor until the walnuts became a flour, I promise this step is crucial!
  2. add the rest of ingredients
    let the food processor run until everything has been fully blended, once done do the stick test by pinching the mix to see if it starts to form together
  3. create your bites here you can use a scooper or your hands to form the bites
  4. roll them in your e3live superfood powders
  5. ENJOY!
  6. store in the fridge or freezer

earth day superfood bites

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