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DIY Simple Herbal Bath Salts Recipe

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Let’s set up the scene a little bit. You come home after a long day at work, and the first activity you want to engage in is some sort of relaxation. Time to clear the negative energy from the day to unwind, so you think about a bath but you want to make it a little more magical. That’s where the herbal bath salts come into play. All you have to do is pour the mixture into your bath, let it absorb into the water, and feel the relaxation and blessing wash over you. Packed with essential oils, healing salts, and herbal remedies, these herbal DIY bath salts will turn an average bath into a magical, energy cleansing experience.

What are Herbal Bath Salts?

These herbal bath salts also make the perfect gift for your loved ones! I make sure, even when making the herbal bath salts for myself, that I label the container with an affirmation or intention to bring a little magic into the experience. This is meant to fill up the soul of the receiver. Think of a daily angel card reading, but with DIY bath salts. When you go into your bath you receive the exact message that you need that at the moment to nourish and reset yourself for the day!

Mixture of all of the herbs to make the herbal bath salts in a bowl.
DIY Bath Salts
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Time to make magic!

If you’ve ever purchased bath salts in the past, you might wonder how they are made and what they contain. However, making DIY bath salts sounds way more complicated than it needs to be. We will walk through each step along the way. Honestly, if you can measure a few herbs and salts, you can make your own herbal bath salts simply using this recipe.

Let’s Get Salty

If you haven’t guessed, the base of the bath salts is salt itself. For this DIY elixir, we are keeping it simple and using Epsom salt. You can find Epsom salt online at Mountain Rose Herbs. They have a well-sourced Epsom salt that I find perfect for this recipe.

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Magic of Herbal Alchemy

This is where you can get creative. The salt provides a healing measure for your joints, aches, and pains. Now it’s time for the magic of herbs and essential oils.

First, for this recipe, we used dried roses which are good for healing the heart, finding the joy in every day, and resetting the stored energy you may have received. While accepting joy into your life with the roses, I added a little bit of dried lavender to the mix. Lavender is good for calming the nervous system, relaxing, and ridding yourself of anxiety.

While soaking, we might as well take care of the most important organ in our body, the skin. That’s where the Calendula comes in. Calendula helps with eczema and dry skin and it’s known for its antiseptic properties. So while you relax and breathe in the soothing properties of Lavender and Rose, your skin gets healed with the Calendula.

Finally, I added a little bit of Tulsi Basil. It’s a natural anti-inflammatory and helps the body rid of stress. With all of the stress relievers in these herbal bath salts, you can start to see how this adds a little more magic to your bath time routine.

3 bath salts ready for affirmations.
Herbal DIY bath salts ready for affirmations
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Essential Oils are Essential for the Herbal Bath Salts

The herbs in each herbal bath salt provide a natural and beautiful way to add some healing properties to the mix. The essential oils kick it up a notch by giving you a little more magical properties.

I used 3 different essential oils in this mixture; Cardamom, Lavender, and Rosemary. Let’s start with Cardamom. The benefits go way beyond the wonderful smell it provides. Cardamom has anti-bacterial, anti-infection, anti-inflammatory, and anti-inflammatory properties. In essential oil form, you will get all of these benefits in a very small amount!

The lavender simply enhances the herbal properties of the lavender in herbal form. The essential oil is much more powerful so you get all of the healing properties amplified with the essential oil.

Last but not least, I added a few drops of Rosemary essential oil. The Rosemary essential oil adds some immune-boosting and detoxifying magic to the mix. If you are feeling a little under the weather, I’d recommend using a bath salt in your bath to feel a little bit better. Not only do you feel less stress which helps the immune system, but the Rosemary also adds some herbal properties which kick it up a notch!

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Scooping in the herbal bath salts into the containers.
Scoop herbal bath salts into containers

Mix it All Together

Now that you have your herbs in order, it’s time to get started! As I mentioned before, it sounds a lot more complicated than you may think. Literally, all you do is mix the Epsom salt, herbs, and essential oils together very well in a super large bowl. Next, you choose your packaging, whether it’s glass tubes, mason jars, or anything sustainably sourced and re-usable. Pour the mixture into the containers and voila! You have herbal bath salts for later!

I added affirmations and positive words to each package just to remind me of the joy and what I should be focusing on while soaking.

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How package the bath salts?

A little more on the packaging. I prefer packaging with the most minimal waste. I used these glass tubes for an extra aesthetically pleasing gift. They are plastic-free and 100% reusable for other projects (or more bath salts)! You can also use these Clear Glass Jars if you are feeling up to it!

3 finished bath salts in the tube containers.
Finished herbal bath salts

What are the benefits?

I briefly went over all of the benefits of each individual herb and ingredient above, but the whole mixture is a little more powerful. The benefits of soaking in Epsom salts, flowers, & essential oils are endless! Not only do they nourish your body from head to toe, but they are used to help ease muscle pain & tension, cleanse your energy from a long week, and help you sleep longer.

Bath salts are known to help balance your hormones by replenishing your body’s magnesium, soothe cramps, and lower inflammation. Most of all they are super relaxing! Breathing in the aromatherapy of all the oils helps to calm your whole system. Most of all, enjoy the whole experience!

5 of the bath salts with affirmations in the tube containers
DIY bath salts with affirmations
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How To Use These Simple Herbal Bath Salts

So these are amazing and relaxing, but how do you use them? Once all the ingredients are mixed together, I take about 1 cup of the mixture and dump it into the bathtub while it is filling up with warm water. The salt will dissolve and the room will fill with a magical aroma. All you have to do next is slide into the tub and experience the bliss and magic!

With DIY projects the possibilities are endless! You can use this recipe as is or try adding a few of your favorite herbs. What combinations of herbs do you enjoy? Let me know in the comment section below and happy soaking!

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DIY Simple Herbal Bath Salts Recipe

Yield: 14-18 Tubes of Bath Salts
Prep Time: 5 minutes
Total Time: 5 minutes

Making your own bath salts is refreshing and relaxing. Find out how to make your own and enjoy the magic mix when you are finished!


    1. If you want to place half of the herbs & flowers into a food processor or coffee grinder and pulse to grind them down to a smaller consistency. This will also help when the bath drains. If you don't want to do this step I recommend placing a strainer into your bath drain when you drain your bath. *optional step*
    2. Pour all of the ingredients into a glass bowl, and mix well. Spoon the contents into your container of choice.
    3. Enjoy!


    1. If you don't want a lot of clean-up after the bath you can use a tea bag or cheesecloth with a rubber band to eliminate the mess or use a bath strainer with you to drain your bathtub.
    2. If you are looking for a shop to get all of your ingredients from my go-to online shop is Mountain Rose Herbs.

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