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DIY Herbal Bath Melts

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Use these herbal bath melts to moisturize your skin, reset your energy, calm your mind, and open your heart. There is no better way to warm up and melt away a day’s stressors than with a self-care ritual and setting an herbal bath intention. These herbal bath melts are the perfect way to cater to your own needs inside and out!

A bowl of circle shaped herbal bath melts with flower petals.

If you’ve been following the blog for a while, you know I’m a major advocate of self-care. One of the best ways to show self-care is by taking a nourishing bath that replenishes your skin and your energy.

I’ve made a variety of bathtime essentials such as bath salts, bath soaks, and bath bombs. These herbal bath melts are similar, but are a slightly different bath experience that you can take anywhere like a bath bomb, but are hydrating like a bath soak.

What is an Herbal Bath Melt?

Think of the silky smooth experience of a bath soak with the portability of a bath bomb. When melted in your bath there is no fizzing like a bath bomb. There’s just a subtly smooth melting that infuses your bath time with essential herbs and oils leading to a more hydrating experience.

The cocoa butter, shea butter, and coconut oil along with the herbs in this bath create a skin-soothing, balancing, magical herbal bath ritual that your skin will thank you for. By the time you are done soaking, a sense of renewal, calm, and heart opening will envelop you and your skin will be soft and nourished as well.

Are Bath Melts Hard To Make?

Not at all! Herbal bath melts are actually quite easy to make in a simple process with flexible ingredients: mix up the ingredients you want, pour them into a silicone mold, and let them harden.

The recipe I based these herbal melts on was a combination of clays, essential oils, organic flowers, and coconut oil. Compared to a bath bomb, it was much less labor intensive and allowed more flexibility. I love these herbal bath melts as they leave my skin so soft and nourished after.

A jar of cocoa butter wafers surrounded by bowls of clay powder and dried herbs.

The best part about this herbal bath melt recipe is that you can choose your own ingredients, depending on your herbal support and spiritual needs or what is readily available.

Favorite DIY Herbal Bath Melt Ingredients

Creating your own bath melt allows you to design a bath experience suited to what you need. I usually start with Epsom salts. This will provide the right nutrients for relaxing the muscles and nourishing the skin similar to a bath bomb.

Glass measuring cups filled partially with melted oils, surrounded by bowls of clay powder, dried herbs, and fresh chamomile flowers.

I also add my favorite organic flowers such as calendula and chamomile. These flowers provide that extra beauty and relaxing element. Make sure they are 100% organic since you will be soaking in the flowers!

As you decide what to add to your specific herbal bath melt, consider your self-care and self-love ritual of focus and letting go. All of these ingredients have herbal elements that are good for the skin, but be conscious of what is good for your soul too.

Bags of herbal ingredients to add to herbal bath salts.

Heart-Opening Herbal Soak

There is nothing better than a bath to thaw out your body, mind, and heart on a cold evening. Let the cocoa butter soak in and moisturizes your skin as this herbal bath melt warms up.

Rose has a heart-opening effect that I personally find to be a wonderful part of this ritual and experience. Especially during the winter months when I tend to feel more introverted than normal.

Chamomile has a mind-soothing quality and a lovely light floral smell that will help you drift off to the best place of your day. While calendula has a peppery flavor when ingested and it can help occasional swelling, consider the strength of these qualities while you heal from the past.

Let the bright vigor of winter orange peel bring hope and magic to your friendships, love, and dreams. The scent of cedar will reconnect you to the earth, with a rooted and grounding feeling as we reach inside our core selves to bring out our own wisdom when we need it most.

Several glass measuring cups with melted oils and different colors of clay in them, and a bowl of dried rose petals, surrounded by fresh chamomile flowers.

Other ingredients added:

These ingredients help to keep everything held together and provide essential nutrients for the skin.

Feel free to experiment or mix and match with your favorite ingredients. Regardless of the herbs you choose, just follow the ratios provided. You will end up with a magical DIY Bath Melt!

How to Make Herbal Bath Melts

First, use a digital kitchen scale to measure the coconut oil, cocoa butter wafers, and shea butter.

Melt in a double boiler or a makeshift double boiler (a pan with an inch or two of water simmering under a pyrex measuring cup or bowl) until the oils are in a melted oil state.

A measuring cup with coconut oil and cocoa butter wafers being held up, the counter below holding jars and bowls of clay powders and herbs.

If you are using any of the optional clay ingredients, divide the oils into separate bowls. Add each clay in while stirring to melt. Different clay ingredients listed will impact the color of the melts, as well as additional skin benefits.

Next, pour the melted oil mixtures into silicone molds. Then in each mold, add the Epsom salts, and the herbal ingredients of choice. Use flower petals, cedar leaf, dried orange peel, and other herbal ingredients in any combination that suits your needs.

Melted oils of various colors in silicone molds, each with different herbal flowers.

Let the bath melts dry and harden in the silicone molds overnight. For a quicker set, they can be placed in the refrigerator.

Once completely set, carefully pop the herbal bath melts out of the molds. Enjoy your soothing ritual of self-love, self-realization, and self-companionship!

How to Store and Use Herbal Bath Melts

While awaiting use, keep these beauties at room temperature. Store in a cool, dry, dark place away from any sunlight.

If you reside in or visit a very hot climate, store the herbal bath melts in the refrigerator. No one wants a pre-melted bath melt!

Circle shaped herbal bath melts with visible flowers, in two bowls surrounded by flower petals and candles.

Use herbal bath melts as needed to moisturize your skin and relax your mind. Feel the herbal benefits as you reconnect with your inner self. Just as the melts will cater to individual needs, make a ritual that suits what feels right to you at the moment.

Bowls of herbal bath melts with flowers in them, surrounded by lit candles, top view.

There is nothing selfish about self-care. I think you’ll find that as this melts, that time will be well spent melting away the day’s stressors too.

Place a bath melt into a bathtub of hot water. Let it melt away, and release the herbs as you soak. Enjoy!

Frequently Asked Questions

  1. How can I avoid the bath melts making a mess in the bathtub?
    If you are worried about having a mess to clean up after using the bath melt, I have a few recommendations. First, grind the flower petals using a coffee grinder, circle silicone mold, double boiler insert, blender, or food processor. Second, use a cheesecloth with a rubber band to strain out any material to make for easier cleanup.

    When it comes to your plumbing worries, I found while using the bath melts, I focused on getting the oils on my body (like a lotion bar). Secondly, you’ll be able to see any remaining oils on top of the water by the end of your bath. Use a cup to scoop this up to prevent going down the drain. If this doesn’t work for you leave the epsom salt of the recipe and use the bath melt as soon as you get out of the bath!
  2. Will the bath melts stay solid at room temperature?
    Yes! we made and tested the bath melts recipe to stay solid at room temperature. However, we recommend storing the bath melts in a cool, dark place until use. Avoid sunny windows, or transporting the bath melts on a hot day.
  3. What tools will I need to make the bath melts?
    I recommend using a silicone mold to make the bath salts, I used this circle silicone mold. I often make a standard double boiler setup by placing a glass bowl on top of a stovetop pot and warm water on the bottom. I also love using this double boiler insert for easy heating and pouring. It’s helpful to use a kitchen scale to measure the ingredients to be more exact.

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Bowls of herbal bath melts stacked, surrounded by candles and flower petals.

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Bath melts with different herbs and different colors stacked in 3 bowls, surrounded by flower petals and lit candles.

DIY Herbal Bath Melts

Yield: 12-18 bath melts
Prep Time: 10 minutes
Additional Time: 30 minutes
Total Time: 40 minutes

Use these herbal bath melts to moisturize your skin, reset your energy, calm your mind, and open your heart. Warm up and melt away stressors!


Bath Melt Base

Clay Options

Optional Add Ins


  1. Measure out coconut oil, cocoa butter wafers, and shea butter using a digital kitchen scale.
  2. Using a makeshift double boiler or double boiler insert melt the coconut oil, cocoa butter wafers, and shea butter until the mixture has reached a melted oil state.
  3. Remove from heat and add in essential oils.
  4. If you want to add clay in for optional color and benefits divide the oils into separate bowls. Add clay in and mix.
  5. Pour the blend into circle silicone molds, add in the Epsom salt and optional add-ins such as flower petals, cedar leaf, and dried orange peel.
  6. Let the Bath Melts set overnight or place them in the fridge for a quicker set.
  7. Pop the Bath Melts out of the circle silicone molds.
  8. Enjoy!


  1. Store the bath melts at room temperature in a cool, dry, dark place. If it's a hot and warm climate store it in the fridge to be safe.

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