February, 13th 2018 · Stephanie Mary

dark chocolate berry coconut butter cups (vegan, paleo, sugar-free, & keto)

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Dark chocolate berry coconut butter cups are LIFE and love!

I want to wish you a very Happy Valentines Day (officially today), whether you are single or in love. Which brings up a topic that is very close to my heart. In one of my last posts, I talked a little about self-love and a lot about how much I truly just love LOVE. Not everyone wants to talk about such a thing. Especially in our society today, we are taught to just push through the day searching for the next best thing. Such as a new relationship, dog, lover, friend, new job, new promotion, more money, a better body, more followers, or the next best thing.

There are days that are harder than others to make time for self-care and sometimes it’s mentally challenging taking that time for yourself. These days are when you have had a hard day or have a checklist a mile long. We are taught to keep loving others, but how do you do love others with all you have if you haven’t filled up your own cup?


dark chocolate berry coconut butter cups

So I am here to be your self-love advocate not only because it’s Valentine’s Day, but because I believe in self-care every day. That is how you can show up for your lover, yourself, your job, your dog and your family and friends.

What can you do besides making these beautiful and easy coconut butter cups? Take a long walk, go to a yoga class, buy yourself some flowers, get a massage, take a hike, stop to talk to your favorite flowers or make yourself a meal that makes you FEEL so good from the inside out. If you aren’t single or on your own get a couple’s massage. You get the hint, don’t you? In today’s world, a whole lot of love can go along way. Maybe even inspire your loved ones to do the same.

dark chocolate berry coconut butter cups

Okay, the self-love rally will continue I am sure of it. Until then let’s really talk about these coconut cup beauties. I’ll be honest the idea came from a paleo chocolate coconut butter candy that my boyfriend and I used to eat all the time. We ate them regularly until I realized coconut sugar wasn’t the best for me as I started to see symptoms show up me. For the record, I have no problem with people who enjoy them, it just isn’t best for me where I am in my life and that’s okay.

Also, it inspired me to make my own for my partner and I’s sweet treats for Valentines Day. With coconut butter and chocolate being the two hero ingredients they are so so easy to make! Literally just melting the butter and pouring into silicone cups!

Anywho, I hope wherever you are today, you feel loved in so many ways and really enjoy these berry chocolate coconut cups.

dark chocolate berry coconut butter cups

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