January, 28th 2018 · Stephanie Mary

cinnamon swirl sprouted almond butter (vegan, body ecology, paleo)

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Cinnamon swirl almond butter is the new cinnamon toast crunch.  This almond butter is perfect for topping toast, oatmeal, squash or any apples. It makes you feel super naughty without the sugary guilt or hangover.

As I have started to explore the body ecology and sugar-free lifestyle my time in the kitchen experimenting has been at an all-time high. Making my own seed and nut butter is extremely fulfilling. Not only do you save a ton of money making your own you know what goes into it.

cinnamon swirl almond butter

tips for sprouting:

My number one tip for making a nut or a seed butter is to soak your seeds for 8-12 hours on your counter or 24 hours with soaking in the fridge. Then dry your seeds in the sun, dehydrator or oven. Your blending time will go from 35 minutes to 10 minutes. & I’ve never had almond butter so smooth. Plus you’ll be able to absorb the nutrients since you soaked the seed – think of re-waking the seed  – it’s now alive and your body can recognize and digest it.

benefits of sprouted almonds:

1) Easy to Digest: Sprouted almonds are easier to digest than regular nuts because the soaking process releases their enzyme inhibitors. Without these inhibitors, our body’s own enzymes are more effective at helping us absorb the nut’s nutrients.

2) Better Nutrient Absorption: Sprouting nuts can help to break down their phytic acid, which is an antinutrient that binds with minerals and prevents their absorption. Sprouting can also help remove enzyme inhibitors, which block digestive enzymes. This process improves digestion of the almonds.

3) Easy to Chew: Our sprouted almonds are softer than ordinary almonds, making them a great snack for kids or anyone that has difficulty chewing hard foods.

4) Perfect for Recipes: Since sprouted almonds are smoother and less stiff than unsoaked nuts, they are perfect for making almond milk or almond butter. They are easy for your food processor to grind up and produce the desired consistency for your recipe. Sprouted almonds also tend to be slightly sweeter and creamier which makes them a wonderful addition to raw desserts and other creations.

(benefits soured from https://nuts.com/nuts/almonds/sprouted.html)


  • I love to enjoy this on top of my waffles recipe or on top of baked squash, my favorite is kabocha squash. so yum!
  • or GREEN APPLES! the best!!
  • You don’t have to sprout them – but if you have a sensitive digestive system I would highly recommend you do.
  • If you do not have a dehydrator feel free to place in your oven on the lowest setting until the almonds are dried out.
  • Feel free to use any sweetener you have on hand. I would start with 1/4 cup of a liquid sweetener (etc honey) or 2-4 tablespoons of a granule sweetener..etc (coconut sugar). Add more to taste.