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Chaga Chai Latte (paleo, keto, & vegan options)

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This chaga chai latte is one of my favorite go-to drinks for getting some medicinal mushrooms in my daily routine. A chaga-flavored chai tea (or a chai-flavored chaga tea, however you want to look at it) provides a wonderful source of medicinal mushrooms that tastes amazing, warms the soul, and is an absolute joy to drink.

The best part of this adaptogenic chaga recipe is that whatever lifestyle you choose – vegan, keto, or paleo – all of the options are equally as enjoyable!

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Before we dive into the magic of this chaga chai latte, I have to give credit to my friend Christy who deeply inspired me to create this recipe. Christy runs a local, small, hand-crafted kombucha company called Bless∙ed Booch here in Laguna Beach, CA.

She creates a Chaga Chai Kombucha flavor that I’m completely in love with. I was instantly inspired to develop a warming adaptogenic latte that highlighted the complementing and magical flavor notes of chaga and chai.

Top view of a chaga chai latte with a rainbow light showing up on the foam.
Magical chaga chai

The Mushroom Course

Chaga and Chai, Two Magical Ingredients!

What makes this Chaga chai so magical? The main ingredients themselves! With lovely complementary flavor notes of Chaga with its subtle earthy taste and chai which is vibrant and full of spice, you’ll enjoy every last sip of this soothing, nourishing latte.

The best part of this creamy, soothing chaga chai latte is all of the medicinal values of the chaga mushroom and the warming properties of the chai tea. According to WebMD, chaga contains “Beta-D-glucans”, which “balance your immune system.” This means that they can stimulate your immune system when you need a boost and downregulate it when it is overactive.”

With these delicious flavor notes and healing properties, you can start to see why I love this magical chaga chai so much!

chaga chai latte

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More About the Chaga Mushroom

The health benefits of Chaga Mushroom are literally unmatched. Some say that the Reishi mushroom is the queen of mushrooms. That leaves adaptogenic and medicinal chaga as the king.

Chaga is a regenerator and helps soothe inflammation in the body while balancing the immune system. Those who experience a high level of stress can benefit from anti-stress properties as well, thanks to the adaptogenic nature of chaga.

The Mushroom Course

Responsibly sourcing your Chaga Mushroom

Because of chaga’s highly sought-after healing properties, it’s important to ethically and responsibly source your chaga. When we consume and forage chaga from the forest, it is our responsibility to also make sure that we harvest and consume responsibly. That means never taking more than needed and never harming other plants in the area.

Wild-harvested and foraged Chaga Mushroom is currently on the endangered list. So please when you are purchasing your chaga, make sure that the brand grows and sources sustainably. I trust and source my Chaga mushroom (or any mushrooms such as Reishi) from Mountain Rose Herbs because they follow the most sustainable practices and sell only the highest quality ingredients.

Frothy chaga chai latte.
Chaga chai latte

The Soul of the Latte

The chai spices and the chaga are the most pronounced ingredients in this chaga chai latte. However, all of the other ingredients are delicious as well!

  • By default, I only use plant-based milk. Use any milk that works for you!
  • I also like to add collagen peptides, so if you are following a vegan lifestyle, make sure you use vegan collagen peptides.
  • I use a little bit of coconut butter to thicken the drink. This gives a subtle hint of sweetness and really makes this chai latte recipe creamy.
  • I like to sweeten my chaga chai latte. If you are paleo, maple syrup is the preferred sweetener. Keto-friendly folks will prefer stevia.

Making this delicious chaga chai is as easy as boiling water, and only takes minutes.

When to drink Chaga Chai Latte

This chaga chai can be sipped at any time of day. I prefer to drink it in the morning instead of coffee. I don’t drink coffee every morning, but my partner does. Making this chaga chai latte allows us to connect during a morning ritual over a warm drink.

I’ve also enjoyed sipping on this delicious chaga chai latte in the afternoon. Sometimes you just need a warm, sweet pick me up. If it’s raining out, I enjoy having a warm drink and listening to the rain. It’s quite relaxing! Since there is no caffeine in some herbal chai blends, you can make this cup whenever suits your needs.

Sit down, relax, and enjoy the magic of this warm drink!

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Chaga Chai Latte

Chaga Chai Latte

Yield: 1-2
Prep Time: 5 minutes
Cook Time: 5 minutes
Total Time: 10 minutes

This magical chaga chai latte has the medicinal benefits of chaga mushroom combined with the warming and delicious flavor notes of chai spices.



    1. Warm your milk of choice to a slight boil in a pot.
    2. To get the extra foamy milk mix in the collagen peptides with a milk frother.
    3. Whisk or stir in the coconut butter, Chaga mushroom, and chai powder.
    4. Add your sweetener of choice.
    5. Enjoy!

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