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Calming Moon Milk Recipe

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Recently, I’ve been learning a lot about the healing properties of plants and how to incorporate those beneficial plants into your everyday life. One of my favorite ways to incorporate healing herbs is into a calming moon milk recipe. Having already created so many rituals around moon milk, I found the best way to incorporate healing herbs is to add them to the moon milk.

A few of the herbs that I’ve incorporated into my calming moon milk recipe are rose petals, blue lotus, and mugwort. All of these herbs help to calm, bring a sense of relaxation and cleanse your energy. I’d recommend using this calming moon milk during meditation or before bed since it will definitely welcome a wave of peace and relaxation. Let’s quickly touch on what is moon milk is. Then we will dive into the benefits of each of the healing plants in the calming moon milk recipe.

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What is a Moon Milk?

Moon milks are warm, plant-based milk infused with a variety of herbs that contain healing properties. The herbs you incorporate can be grounding, calming, aid in digestion, or customized for what your body needs. A Moon milk is a great way to listen to your body, receive beneficial herbs, and create an enjoyable, relaxing drink.

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For even more moon milk recipes check out my E-Book: Magical Moon Milks *EXTENDED*. I include a lot more recipes, poetry, and suggested rituals where you can incorporate a moon milk. If you haven’t noticed, I absolutely LOVE moon milk! Let’s dive into a few of the herbs that make this moon milk special.

Working with Blue Lotus

When designing my calming moon milk, one of the plant allies that called to me was Blue Lotus. Blue Lotus has many calming properties. I first was introduced to Blue Lotus at a Full Moon Circle, this is where I learned that Blue Lotus had been used as a plant ally to help you journey into meditation. It was even used by the Egyptians as a way to encourage lucid dreams while sleeping. While working with the energetics of Blue Lotus, I find the most nourishment when I set an intention and make a ritual out of the experience. Blue Lotus is known to open the third eye and facilitate relaxation and meditation.

With this moon milk, I like to ground and get my personal energy in order first. I then set an intention, and begin meditating while drinking my calming moon milk. The experience of grounding yourself will help to welcome in all of the messages the blue lotus and other herbs can gift you.

Healing Properties of Mugwort

According to Mountain Rose Herbs, “There is much traditional folklore surrounding the plant (mugwort) and it has been reported to encourage dreaming.” It’s a perfect herb for a calming moon milk! The properties of mugwort are also tied to encouraging lucid dreams. These lucid dreams can be powerful, transformational experiences known to heal.

Mugwort is also known to calm the nerves. Some sources claim that it can give you a slight energy boost. However, due to the nerve-calming properties, I’ve always felt it to be more relaxing than anything. With the lucid dreaming properties and nerve-calming effects, I definitely approve of using this herb in the calming moon milk. However, make sure you listen to your body.

Incorporating Rose Petals

Rose petals add beautifully aromatic and heart-opening properties to the calming moon milk. They are also known to help to reduce anxiety. For me, calming and relaxation mean ridding myself of the anxious energy I’ve picked up throughout the day.

Drinking a rose petal tea or adding rose petals to my nightly moon milk help to bring me back to the heart center. With the heart-opening properties, I’m able to receive any of the messages the plants are giving me. As soon as the smell of rose petals hits my nose, I’m reminded to slow down, calm myself, and come to heart center.

Tulsi Basil

I love adding tulsi basil to my calming moon milk. Tulsi basil helps to aid in digestion and calm the stomach. With the stomach and brain being closely connected, you have to take care of both. I notice within my own body that when I eat well and take care of my stomach, I’m more relaxed. With a little tulsi basil added to the calming moon milk, I feel more relaxed and my stomach feels so much better.

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Suggested Rituals

When drinking moon milk, it’s best to do it in a ritualistic fashion. That means, putting yourself in a place where you can take in the messages the plants are gifting you. Below are a few of my suggested rituals for this specific moon milk.

Before Bed

I like to drink a calming moon milk before bed. The subtle warmth of the moon milk calms me and helps me to reflect on the day. This ritual of reflection and grounding pays so many dividends with a good night’s sleep. This specific moon milk contains so many helpful plant allies for lucid dreaming. I try to tap into their knowledge and take in as much information as they will give me throughout my rest. It’s like a portal into a sweet dream.

Before Meditation

Another time of the day to enjoy this moon milk is before your meditation. No matter when you meditate, drinking this moon milk will help you to shift your mindset and connect with the energy of the plants. The moon milk will also calm and center you so you can really ground and calm during meditation. I get so much more out of meditation when I can calm myself and connect with my own energy before I begin.

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This moon milk is one of my go to solutions when In need to calm myself. The plant allies I’ve incorporated are so powerful and giving that I really wanted to share it with all of you. If you have any questions about the herbs in this moon milk, feel free to reach out in the comment section below. I’m also on Instagram (@mytinylagunakitchen). Make sure to tag me or DM if you have questions!

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Calming Moon Milk Recipe

Yield: 1-2
Prep Time: 5 minutes
Cook Time: 10 minutes
Total Time: 15 minutes

If you need to slip into a beautiful dream or looking for a wonderful way to facilitate relaxation, look no further than this calming moon milk. With just a few helpful plant allies, ready to share their wisdom, this moon milk will help calm and ground you when you need it most.


Calming Tea Blend

Moon Milk Ingredients


  1. Steep tea for 5-10 minutes.
  2. Add all the ingredients to milk and gently warm on the stove.
  3. Sweeten to taste, mix and enjoy!

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