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April, 13th 2018

brazil & almond butter CBD truffles (vegan, keto, paleo, & sugar-free)

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Brazil & almond butter CBD truffles (vegan, keto, paleo, & sugar-free) are full of nutrients and health benefits. They are the perfect everyday snack for when you just need a pick me up, as they are completely sugar-free and good for you nuts and seeds. The brazil nuts and almonds will be the powerhouse in the recipe to sustain your energy, mood, thyroids, and hormones.

5 Amazing Health Benefits of Brazil Nuts

  1. Anti-Inflammatory Brazil nuts are great for inflammatory issues in the body because they’re tremendous anti-inflammatory foods. Brazil nuts, as do most nuts, contain ellagic acid. Why is this important? Ellagic acid has high anti-inflammatory properties in the body and can even be neuroprotective. (3)Another important anti-inflammatory agent in Brazil nuts is selenium, which is hugely important when combating inflammation in the body. Selenium takes part in an antioxidant activity that defends against both free radical damage and inflammation. A 2012 study found that just one Brazil nut per day is able to improve anti-inflammatory and antioxidant responses in the body. In the study, 45 patients received one nut a day for three months. After three months of eating on Brazil nut per day, not only did the anti-inflammatory and antioxidant responses improve, but cholesterol levels improved as well. (4)
  2. Anticancer Brazil nuts are also on the list of cancer-fighting foods, again due to their high ellagic acid and selenium levels. Ellagic acid is also antimutagenic and anticancer. (5)Meanwhile, selenium, an essential biological trace element, has been shown to reduce and prevent the incidence of cancer. A five-year, randomized nutritional intervention study took place in China where esophageal cancer rates are extremely high and selenium intake is low. The results, published in the Journal of the National Cancer Institute, found highly significant inverse associations of serum selenium levels with the incidence of esophageal cancer. (6)
  3. Mood Lifter As mentioned, the No. 1 food source on the planet for selenium is brazil nuts. Selenium has been scientifically proven to lift mood and prevent depression.Results showed that the lower the level of selenium in the diet, the more reports of anxiety, depression, and tiredness, all of which were decreased following five weeks of selenium therapy. (8)When it comes to a good mood, serotonin is a key player. Not only does this feel-good brain chemical help regulate mood, but it can also have positive effects on your sleep and appetite. Researchers from the University of Barcelona found that people had higher levels of serotonin metabolites after nut consumption, which included brazil nuts, almonds, and walnuts. (9)
  4. All of this points to Brazil nuts making an excellent addition to any depression diet treatment plan to help improve mood and well-being.

brazil nut almond butter cbd truffles

  1. Heart Health Booster In small amounts, Brazil nuts can provide a healthy boost to one of your most important organs — your heart. The selenium, potassium, calcium and magnesium present in these nuts are all helpful for maintaining a healthy blood pressure, which has a direct positive effect on heart health. (10)Brazil nuts are naturally high in fat, but most of that fat is the health-boosting unsaturated kind. The unsaturated fats in Brazil nuts can increase your HDL cholesterol levels (good cholesterol). A healthy level of HDL cholesterol can protect against heart attack and stroke, while low levels of HDL cholesterol have been shown to increase the risk of heart disease. (11)
  2. Thyroid Control Your thyroid helps control your metabolism, heart rate, and body temperature. The thyroid gland has more selenium content per gram of tissue than any other organ in your body. Selenium is a key component of the molecules that are necessary for your body to be able to create and use thyroid hormones. The selenium in Brazil nuts can help to keep your thyroid in proper working order and in overall good health.Research now shows, through numerous studies, that there is a link between thyroid metabolism and selenium deficiency. Selenium acts as a catalyst for the production of active thyroid hormones. (12) A 2015 Brazilian study found that people with reduced levels of the thyroid hormone T3 were able to increase their selenium levels via Brazil nut supplementation, which was associated with improvement in thyroid hormone levels in the patients with reduced T3 levels. (13)Overall, selenium from Brazil nuts acts as a powerful protector of the thyroid and regulates the production of reactive oxygen within the gland, and it protects the body from antibodies that can create thyroid disease. (14) Thus, the Brazil nut can act as a natural remedy for thyroid health, thanks mostly to its selenium content.

(facts sourced directly from

brazil nut almond butter cbd truffles

brazil & almond butter CBD truffles (vegan, keto, paleo, & sugar-free) notes:

  • If you are new to CBD oil see my last post here, that dives deeper into the benefits and information.

brazil & almond butter CBD truffles (vegan, keto, paleo, & sugar-free) Print
prep time
5 min
cook time
15 min
total time
24 truffles
What You Will Need
  1. Place all of your ingredients (except the cacao powder) into your food processor and blend until fully moldable.
  2. Take a scoop or your hands and make into a ball. I prefer using the oxo scoop as it doesn’t make such a mess!
  3. Place in the freezer until completely solid.
  4. Roll the truffles in your cacao powder – this will make them extra truffly. 😛
  5. Put them back in the freezer to set, take out when ready for your taste buds & ENJOY!

brazil nut almond butter cbd truffles

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