September, 20th 2020 · Stephanie Mary

Berry Rose Moon Milk

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While the temperatures are lowering, the world is unfortunately burning. I’m here to bring you a small cup of calm in these trying times. The idea of a moon milk is meant to bring a calm, grounding energy. To provide a space where you can come back to the center and get in touch with what you are feeling. I can’t wait to share with you this Berry Rose Moon Milk.

If you’ve been following for a while, the Moon Milk is the recipe that I built my blog off of. A Moon Milk nourishes & soothes you. Moon milks also help you to come home to yourself. It’s a creative expression that is indeed a meditation in itself. This Berry Rose Moon Milk is silky smooth, grounding, with vibrant berry flavor notes combined with soothing Rose.

Lighting a small tea candle to warm the moon milk
Placing the tea used in the moon milk on the tea light

Moon Milk Magic Tips

Although there aren’t any “rules” for how to make a Moon Milk here are a few recommendations…

  1. Keep your Moon Milk caffeine-free. The whole point of making a Moon Milk is to calm yourself, not boost your energy.
  2. Don’t overthink it! Use the ingredients that you have on hand in your own kitchen.
  3. I always recommend a few staples to start with for the base recipe: Cardamom, Cinnamon, & Vanilla Bean.
Steeping the tea over the tea light
Pouring the tea into the tea cup
Set up to make 3 individual moon milks

How To Make the perfect Berry Rose Moon Milk:

  1. Start by making a batch of tea, my personal favorite is a berry or flower-based tea. See below for the recipe I used for this post.
  2. Add any milk that you prefer. My favorites are almond and coconut milk. Sometimes even mix those together for a lighter, silky texture.
  3. Add your spices.
  4. Add your sweetener of choice. I personally love using stevia.
Pouring in the warmed moon milk into the tea.
Final shot of 2 Berry Rose Moon Milks with a rose on top.

Make it a ritual

In a world where there is so much chaos, a global pandemic, in-justice, and confusion, don’t forget to ground, and come home to yourself. It’s not always an option to sit down and meditate depending on what our lives demand from us. Yet you can steep yourself some tea, add some milk, turn on some soothing music, and pour yourself a Moon Milk. It’s like a moving mediation that you can do at any time of day.

3 Berry Rose Moon Milks with a Rose on top.
Placing the stir stick in the Berry Rose Moon Milk
Side shot of the moon milk with a little bit of the tea used to make it.

I’d love to see how you make your moon milk and hear about your own rituals. Definitely reach out and tag me on Instagram (@mytinylagunakitchen)!

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Berry Rose Moon Milk

Berry Rose Moon Milk

Yield: 1-3
Prep Time: 10 minutes
Cook Time: 5 minutes
Total Time: 15 minutes

Such a decadent, silky smooth warming drink that is calming, delicious and helps to ground you in trying times.


  1. Place all of the herbs and berries into a teapot and steep for 10 minutes. If you want to steep it longer and keep the tea warm at the same time, I used this teapot with the tea warmer, and absolutely in love with it.
  2. While steeping, prep milk by adding the spices and warming. I also recommend whisking the milk to get it more frothy.
  3. Pour the tea into teacups.
  4. Pour milk over the tea in the teacups.
  5. Add sweetener to taste.
  6. (Optional) Add Rose Petals on top.

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