September, 13th 2018 · Stephanie Mary

Avocado Layered Chocolate Pudding (vegan, paleo, & keto)

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Avocado Layered Chocolate Pudding (vegan, paleo, & keto) Remember when you were a kid and you ate those pudding snacks that were layered, and probably filled with sugar? I remember getting out of school and loved having snacks waiting for me when I got home. Therefore I created a healthy version. This pudding recipe the main ingredient is avocado, and coconut. I sweetened this pudding with raw monk fruit (you can use stevia too) to be sugar-free. You can also use maple syrup or honey if you prefer the taste.

This pudding is sooo creamy, smooth and delicious your kids won’t even know they are eating something so good for them. To be quite honest this recipe is the main recipe I use when making a dessert for my family back in the Midwest aka my family who usually eats a very standard American lifestyle. No offense I love my family. But let’s be real their taste buds are accustom to treats that are processed with tons of sugar.

Avocado Layered Chocolate Pudding

I promise you when I made pudding for my family they asked for seconds, and thirds. Then they had the rest of the avocado pudding for breakfast the next day. Better believe I was a very proud cousin/niece. Therefore if this recipe passed the good ol’ Midwest family test… it means it will pass your kiddos, family, or friends who usually eat not the most mindful diet.

The biggest win is that you get to enjoy it with them as well. How often are we making our families and friends treat that we can’t always enjoy? I’m talking mostly to those of you with allergies or intolerances like myself. If you are out there, I feel your pain or at least the love you feel when it comes to wanting to make your loved ones a treat.

Avocado Layered Chocolate Pudding

Avocado Layered Chocolate Pudding (vegan, paleo, & keto) notes:

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