June, 25th 2019 · Stephanie Mary

Adaptogenic Mocha Smoothie

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Let me tell you, this adaptogenic mocha smoothie which is jam-packed with healthy fats, fiber & protein, is a perfect way to cool down while the temperature starts heating up. Back in the day, I used to drink smoothies literally every morning. That was until I started to watch my sugar intake.

Now that I monitor my sugar intake, it’s hard to find a smoothie at a juice bar that is completely sugar-free. So I decided to make one! I made this smoothie sugar free for those of you like myself who have trouble finding sugar free recipes. I chose this to be sugar free, however, feel free to use any healthy alternative sweetener you desire. My preference is stevia, but dates or maple syrup are also good options.

Herbal Coffee & Mocha Smoothie

Cooling Off With An Adaptogenic Mocha Smoothie

I used my go-to herbal coffee for this recipe which is RASA. RASA provides the mocha and all of the adaptogens. If you are a frequent reader of this blog, I love enhancing my recipes with super foods and adaptogens. This adaptogenic mocha smoothie is no exception. RASA‘s coffee blend comes fortified with a variety of beneficial herbs and adaptogens.

If you are a not sensitive to caffeine, RASA has a slightly caffeinated version available as well called Dirty RASA! It still contains all of their wonderful adaptogens with just a hint of caffeine from some coffee mixed in.

For this recipe I used their cacao blend. What I love about RASA‘s blends are that they are so easy to integrate into recipes, taste just like coffee and have over 12 adaptogens in each blend. The adaptogens & herbs help to combat stress and nourish the adrenals. We all need help with the everyday stress that we all deal with, so pour up a cup of RASA and enjoy!

Herbal Coffee & Mocha Smoothie

Loco for Coco(nut)

In preparation of summer, I’ve started to create some cooler recipes such as ice creams (Adaptogenic Cold Brew Coffee Coconut Ice Cream) and iced coffees (Vietnamese Iced Herbal Coffee). Being dairy-free, I use a lot of coconut milk as a substitute. I believe coconut actually makes the cream creamier and adds a hint of sweetness to the recipes.

For this recipe, I included a different form of coconut than usual, coconut meat. Along with the coconut meat, I added chia seeds, almond butter, and cacao powder to make a smooth, nutrient dense base for the smoothie. All of the herbs, adaptogens, superfoods, and proteins make this smoothie not only enjoyable but also super healthy!

Herbal Coffee & Mocha Smoothie

I believe this adaptogenic mocha smoothie is perfect for summertime, but I’d love to hear what you think. What are some of your favorite summertime recipes? Share in the comment section below! Also, if you have any recommendations for recipes you’d like to see me make magical, add those below as well!

Herbal Coffee & Mocha Smoothie

Adaptogenic Herbal Mocha Smoothie

Yield: 1-2
Prep Time: 10 minutes
Cook Time: 5 minutes
Total Time: 15 minutes

Need a sugar-free, delicious and nutrient dense smoothie? Want it cool for the summer time? Give this adaptogenic herbal smoothie a try!



    1. Brew RASA using 1.5 tablespoons of RASA coffee, and 1.5 cups of boiling water.
    2. Let steep for 10-15 minutes.
    3. Pour the brewed RASA into a high-speed blender, with the remaining ingredients.
    4. Blend on high for about 2-5 minutes until completely smooth.
    5. If you want the smoothie sweetener of choice. I prefer to use stevia, or maple syrup.

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