Apr 12th, 2022 Iced Oatstraw Tulsi Rose Moon Milk This is my first iced moon milk and I have to say, it's incredibly hydrating and refreshing. It's a perfect way to get your daily adaptogens, hydrate, and enjoy a nourishing and cooling beverage during hot summer days. Read more
Mar 17th, 2022 Foraged Nettle Pesto with Dandelion Greens Springtime is meant for nourishing our bodies with the lovely abundance from Mother Earth. This nettle pesto with dandelion greens uses some plants, which are considered weeds for a nourishing, delicious pesto you can enjoy year-round! Read more
Feb 13th, 2022 Cocoa Rose Beeswax-Free Lotion Bars I was up for the challenge of making a 100% vegan, beeswax-free lotion bar. This rose cacao lotion bar creation is so dreamy, and is perfect for those who love clean skincare products! Your skin will feel so nourished and grateful! Read more
Feb 7th, 2022 DIY Rose Milk Self-Love Bath Soak Recipe This DIY Rose Milk Self-Love Bath Soak Recipe is honestly one of my all time favorites! It is infused with such healing minerals and herbs and literally transports me to the rose garden of my dreams! Read more
Jan 26th, 2022 Elderberry Oxymel for Immune System Support A simple way to boost your immune system is to create an elderberry oxymel. This oxymel is a simple and powerful way to help give your immune system the boost it needs. Read more
Dec 14th, 2021 Creating Mala Jewelry with a Mala Board Creating jewelry with a Mala board is so easy to start and allows you to be infinitely creative with your designs. We will run through the basics using a few of The Weekend Mystic's beautiful Mala boards for creating necklaces and bracelets. Read more