A holistic approach
to content creation

My best work comes from bringing your ideas to life.

As a blogger and business owner myself,
I know first-hand how tasks can build-up,
slowly taking you away from your sweet spot & genius zone
where your true passions live.

Working together gets you back into your element.

As a visual content creator, I’ll whip up storytelling magic
customized for your audience. You’ll be free to focus on tasks that bring you
the most joy, like crafting your products or inspiring your community.

Content Creation: Where Passion Meets Purpose
01. |

Product or Recipe Photography

You’ve lovingly created your product or recipe, now I can help you photograph it in a way that expresses the soul of your brand. I use homegrown or locally foraged plant material, natural light, and earthy props to bring a wild and whimsical touch to each collaboration.

✦ $950 for 10 photos per gallery
photography prices are estimated at $100 per photo
*discounted rates for monthly reoccurring photography work available 

Recipe Videography

Like poetry in motion, videos are a mesmerizing way to bring your nourishing recipe or herbal project to life. My 1-minute recipe videos preview every step of the process to help make your recipes even more approachable, accessible, and inspiring! Both vertical and horizontal videography are available.

✦ $950 | for one full recipe video

*discounted rates for monthly reoccurring recipe videography work available

Photography + Recipe Videography (Bundle!)

Combine the packages, above, to get the best value. You’ll receive a combination of professionally styled and edited photos with a matching 1-minute video to use wherever your heart desires.

✦ $1,500 | for 1 recipe video & 1 photo gallery

✦ or $4,000 | 3-pack

For a photo gallery plus a 1-minute recipe video.

* Prices vary depending on the scope of work.

** Additional costs may be needed to cover props or ingredients, recipe development, artificial lighting, written blog posts, or photography/videography that requires a model.

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Media & Brand Partnerships

Some of my all-time favorite work has come from collaborating with like-minded brands! It’s always such a pleasure to dream up inspiring projects with other creative souls. For this process, I will craft a magical recipe, photo, blog post, social media post, or video featuring your product to share on my blog or social media sites.

Partnerships start at $900 and vary depending on the scope of the project.

I only offer partnerships for sustainably-minded brands that I authentically admire and am excited to recommend. Brands that fit within the following categories are a particularly good fit:

✦ Herbalism
✦ Botanical Skincare
✦ Holistic Wellness
✦ Natural Ingredients & Superfoods
✦ Simple & Slow Living
✦ Gardening and foraging
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Graphic Design & Media Layouts

My background is in graphic design combined with 8 years as a visual content creator for my own blog. I love nerding out over graphic design projects and creating earthy layouts that are whimsical, modern, and rooted in natural elements. Don’t hesitate to reach out if you have a graphic design project that you’d like my help with.

* Prices vary based on the scope of the project.

Some of my favorite collaborations include:

✦ eBooks and magazines
✦ Media kits
✦ Email and newsletter templates
✦ Social media templates
✦ Services and pricing guides
✦ Menus and brochures
Visual storytelling for your business.
The Process

I believe that working together should involve open and honest communication at all times.


We first meet and I can get to know you, what you are looking for, and what some of your pain points are. If it’s a product we are working with, I’d get to know how to use the product, understand what makes it magical, and get the creativity flowing.


We then develop a small project scope, whether we are creating a recipe, video, or doing a photoshoot. Nothing to be intimidated by! It just helps you know what you are getting for final deliverables, when they will be delivered and how much it will cost. This helps both of us stay on the same page.


I will then execute the project, send over the deliverables on the date we agreed on, and we can review!

Making magic with some of my favorite brands.