Lifestyle: Anti-Candida

Frittata with Spinach (and other greens)
With just a few ingredients, you can make this frittata with spinach! This frittata is delicious any time of day and is nourishing, quick and easy to make, and is a great meal for any morning, weeknight or weekend. Oh, and by the way, frittatas make great leftovers!We tend to make frittatas when we have […]
Jul 01, 2019
Dark Chocolate Pumpkin Coconut Butter Cups
Pumpkin candy made with dark chocolate and coconut butter is super fun to make and delicious to eat! Little chocolate pumpkins with gooey pumpkin spice filling, that are vegan, keto, and healthy for you, what could be better?These chocolate pumpkins only take a few minutes to make, pop them in the freezer and you have […]
Oct 27, 2018
Lavender Blueberry Moon Milk (vegan, paleo, keto, & body ecology)
Moon milk is a calming and relaxing drink that is optimal before bed to help you sleep and melt your worries of the day away. This recipe for lavender blueberry moon milk is vegan, using creamy coconut milk. The magic of this sleep-supporting recipe is all in the ingredients that come together for a soothing […]
Aug 25, 2018
Chamomile Flower Berry Moon Milk
This chamomile flower berry moon milk recipe is the most magical moon milk you will ever make. Moon milk calms, warms, and nourishes the body and soul. The slightly sweet taste is so enjoyable, and the texture is silky smooth. The calming herbal benefits of chamomile will guide you right into a good night’s sleep.Interested […]
Aug 16, 2018
Coconut Milk Kefir Cherry Ice Cream
Coconut Milk Kefir Cherry Ice Cream (vegan, paleo, keto & body ecology) is the perfect summertime ice cream recipe to cool down & is filled with probiotics. If you are like me trying to be conscious about re-setting your gut health but you still want a yummy treat that can help you cool off. Well, […]
Aug 07, 2018
Superfood Layered Chia Pudding (vegan, paleo, keto, & body ecology)
Superfood Layered Chia Pudding (vegan, paleo, keto, & body ecology) is the perfect way to fit your superfoods into your daily routine. This recipe is a superhero in the nutrients department filled with minerals, nutrients & fiber. Now I am not a doctor but I can tell you how I feel every day after taking BrainOn […]
Jun 10, 2018
homemade pumpkin seed butter milk (vegan, keto, paleo, body ecology & sugar-free)
homemade pumpkin seed butter milk (vegan, keto, paleo & sugar-free) is absolutely SO easy to make and so so so delicious! & yes you read that right it is made with sprouted pumpkin seed BUTTER! How did I come up with this idea? well, I had extra homemade pumpkin seed butter in the fridge and […]
Apr 07, 2018
coconut butter filled dark chocolate Easter eggs (vegan, keto, & paleo)
Coconut butter filled dark chocolate Easter eggs (vegan, keto, & paleo) are the easiest and most fun recipe to make! you can make this recipe for yourself or for friends and your kiddos. I LOVE making treats for any holidays. There is just something about making treats for my loved ones that I can’t get […]
Mar 24, 2018