Course: Skincare

Cocoa Rose Beeswax-Free Lotion Bars
A few months ago I was roaming one of my favorite zero-waste shops and I came across a beautiful lotion bar for sale. The bar was light pink, and smelled absolutely delightful! What set this lotion bar apart from other lotion bars is it was a 100% vegan and beeswax-free lotion bar. As a DIYer […]
Feb 13, 2022
DIY Rose Milk Self-Love Bath Soak Recipe
Everyone deserves a little self-love from time to time. Making this DIY rose milk bath soak recipe is a simple way to upgrade your bath time giving you all of the self-love you deserve! This bath soak recipe is infused with relaxing herbs and minerals that will leave your skin feeling absolutely wonderful. Oh, and […]
Feb 07, 2022
Calendula and Coconut Milk Bath Soak
If you are like me, I really enjoy relaxing and grounding at the end of the day with a bath. To me, it’s the most relaxing self-care that I can give myself, besides exercising. I’m always experimenting and searching for ways to get the most out of my bath time. That’s when I started researching […]
Sep 05, 2021
Homemade Berry & Honey Face Mask Recipe
I’m a huge advocate for all-natural skincare. I believe we should treat our skin like the food we eat. Make sure we are only applying all-natural ingredients, free from any toxins or chemicals. Know what’s best about this process? Most of the ingredients you need to make quality skincare products can be easily found and […]
Aug 29, 2021
How to Make Homemade Flower Lotion Bars
Know what means the most to me when I make my own homemade lotion bars? I know exactly where the ingredients come from. The most wonderful part is I get to combine the breathtaking aromas of natural herbs and flowers into my homemade lotion bars. I can get creative and come up with all the […]
Apr 13, 2021
Homemade Winter Spiced Bath Salts
I absolutely love creating homemade skincare and self-care items! With the holiday season approaching, I’ve been busy creating magic in the kitchen, creating all sorts of sustainable gifts! Nothing is better than giving a handcrafted self-care item to a close loved one. After a day of making, I was running a bath, and drinking spiced […]
Dec 21, 2020
DIY Chai Vanilla Infused Body Oil
Using a Chai Vanilla Infused Body Oil is the most luxurious upgrade to your everyday body oil. It’s so relaxing, has a beautiful aroma, and leaves your body feeling magical. I’ll show you how to make your own body oil and infuse it with chai and vanilla. Learning how to make a homemade DIY body […]
Nov 17, 2020
DIY Rose Skin Serum with Essential Oils
Rose Skin Serum is amazingly soothing, works wonderfully for sensitive skin, and reduces redness, irritation, and dryness. This rose-infused oil combined with rose hip oil, along with highly beneficial essential oils, bring you a toxin-free, ultra-soothing, and magical facial oil that will restore your skin and also calm your spirits with its lovely aromatherapeutic qualities. […]
Nov 10, 2020