Hey, lovelies! I'm Stephanie Mary
& I'm so glad you're here.

MTLK is a heart-centered space where sensitive souls, herbal enthusiasts, and creatives come together to nourish, ground, and connect.

This space is my kitchen and the heart of my home. I invite you to get cozy, make yourself at home, and find what nurtures you here.

I first realized the healing power of the kitchen during my childhood in Madison, Wisconsin. Some of my fondest memories are of baking cookies and brewing homemade chicken noodle soup in my grandma’s cozy Midwest kitchen.

In my early twenties, I started spending more time diving into books about spirituality, herbalism, and intuitive cooking, and with my hands chopping herbs, stirring bubbling pots, and crafting botanical potions. Now living in California and working in graphic design, I started connecting with the plants blooming around me, like California poppies, elderberries, roses, and sage.

My path eventually led me to Peru, where I had my coca leaves read and was told that my Polish ancestors are all around me—guiding me. This revelation inspired me to learn more about my lineage, including Polish Whisperers who heal through whispered prayer and herbal medicines.

I followed my heart’s calling to herbalism, where I learned how to infuse my recipes with herbal goodness, edible flowers, and botanical whimsy.

It’s taken me 15 years to weave all these different pieces together into a complete and nourishing lifestyle, and I’m still learning everyday! Following my dreams has led to abundance, and my herbalism-inspires recipes, videos, and photographs now spill over beyond the pages of this blog into collaborations with holistically minded brands. I’m so honored to share this space with soulful friends and partners, and I’m eternally grateful that our paths have crossed! xoxo

Let's drink flowers
and swim in the sea.

A Little more about Steph

Sun in Cancer =
Nurturing & Motherly Archetype

Ascendant in Virgo =
Intuitive & Trustworthy

Moon in Aquarius =
Inclusive & Innovative

Human Design Generator =
Births creative ideas

Enneagram 2 =
Healer & Empathetic

Enneagram 4 =
Artistic & Sensitive

I'm a highly-sensitive person, and I love spending time foraging and frolicking in nature or spending time near water to recharge and relax. I adore being with community and in the garden, digging my hands in the soil and spending more time with plants in their natural element.

My background is in creative marketing design, so creating this space and collaborating with others has been the perfect blend of my two true loves: holistic wellness & content creation.

promises from the heart
A Sensitive Space

Before I knew I was a highly sensitive person, I didn’t fully understand how it affected me and my interactions with others. If you’re also a sensitive soul, then know that this is a safe space for you to be as you are, feel, and create. You’re seen here, sister, and you’re not alone.

My recipes and projects are especially helpful to anyone who’s on a holistic wellness journey and looking for approachable information about intuitive eating, herbalism, botanical skincare, or sustainable, seasonal DIYs. These recipes and projects are shared with simplicity in mind. No fancy tools or expensive equipment required!


Think of this space as a wellness retreat. We gather around the table to share nourishing meals, rituals, and stories, but there are also rooms for yoga, meditation, nature time, and rest. When you’re ready for connection, there’s a like-minded soul right around the corner. Everyone has a voice here, and we treat each other with respect and love.

After filling your cup with nourishing practices and newfound friendships, you’ll leave the retreat filling rejuvenated and restored. Because in the end, "We are all just walking each other home." - Ram Dass. 

Earth Loving

At MTLK, healing comes from the ground up. Through herbalism, crafting, cooking, and foraging, we build a rooted relationship with the Earth. In return, that relationship nourishes our bodies and souls. Everyone’s path is different, but we hope to share a roadmap that will gently guide you along your own unique journey.

Whether you’re looking for resources or hoping to collaborate, all of Stephanie Mary’s creations come from a space of the heart. At this table, Mother Earth always has the seat of honor.


To connect the healing self with the creative self through seasonal earth loving practices and nourishing herbal recipes.

Stephanie Mary hopes to inspire individuals on their own holistic wellness journey and brands looking to partner with a like-minded creator.

Daily Actions

Stephanie Mary wakes up every day inspired and excited to share accessible projects rooted in nourishment, holistic wellness, whimsy, and love.

Through visual storytelling and content creation, I help like-minded brands bring their ideas to life by sharing botanical, wellness, and sustainability content with the community.