At Home Red Light Therapy with SaunaSpace

Originally published on August, 4th 2022. Last updated on September, 10th 2022

Red light therapy is becoming more and more popular as a natural way to heal the skin, reduce pain, and decompress from too much screen time. For years I’ve read about the benefits of red light therapy, and all of the healing capabilities.

There were two aspects of red light therapy that spoke to me the most. First, I was looking for natural pain relief after a shoulder injury that required surgery. Along with that pain, I was looking for a way to soothe cramps during my moon cycle. Second, I was looking to keep my skin rejuvenated. After researching a variety of different at-home red light therapy options, I ran across SaunaSpace.

What is Red Light Therapy

Red light therapy is the exposure to low, close to infrared light that our body feels as heat. When our skin is exposed to this heat, the mitochondria in the cell absorb this as energy which can promote healing. This is why one of the main uses of red light therapy is to help rejuvenate skin. For pain relief, the low, subtle heat relaxes the muscle while the damaged tissues receive energy promoting a faster recovery. There are many at-home red light therapy solutions, but the cleanest, most sustainable one I have found is SaunaSpace.

What makes SaunaSpace Different

SaunaSpace red lights are different than any of the other at-home red light therapy solutions I’ve run across. First, there are no harmful UV rays. When people think of red light therapy and the heat involved, they think of a tanning bed. This is not the case at all. Tanning beds use damaging UV light whereas the SaunaSpace bulb only uses red, near-infrared light that occurs naturally through an incandescent bulb. This makes for a natural healing experience without un-intentional side effects.

Second, there are no electromagnetic fields (EMFs). A lot of red lights are made with LEDs and technologies that emit EMFs. Every SaunaSpace product is designed to prevent unwanted EMFs from invading your relaxation. We are exposed to electromagnetic fields throughout our entire day leading to elevated stress levels which end up damaging our bodies.

I have to say, I’ve tried a few of these at-home solutions, including ones with LEDs and there is a huge difference. With the LEDs, I did not feel relaxed and you could feel the “flicker” almost like a screen. SaunaSpace is a quiet light that emits a gentle, warming heat, with no flicker. I feel completely relaxed when using my SaunaSpace.

Benefits of At-Home Red Light Therapy

There are so many benefits to red light therapy. From my personal experience, SaunaSpace has helped dramatically with pain relief and skin conditions. When I feel pain and soreness, I use the SaunaSpace bulb to target the area directly for around 20 minutes. The warm heat slowly relaxes the area that is causing pain. I notice that the pain is relieved much quicker and my injuries seem to heal faster after red light exposure.

With skin care, if I get any ailment on my skin, I make sure to use my SaunaSpace. The activation of the mitochondria in the cell helps to resolve the ailments. My skin usually heals much faster after red light therapy.

Setting Up Your Red Light

Setting up your SaunaSpace couldn’t be easier. All you need is an outlet and a few feet to sit in front of it and relax. You can purchase larger models with a full EMF shield. Or, you can use just an individual light called the Photon Infrared Therapy Light.

I personally use just an individual light. It’s perfect for my needs and I can target it to the area on my body that needs the therapy. With my setup, I have my SaunaSpace near my bed where I have a place to sit. I then have it angled in a way where I can sit close to it, away from heat-sensitive items, and receive all of the benefits. The slightly warm, relaxing heat is the best way to wind down and reduce any pain that I am feeling after a long day. I can angle the bulb to target the area that needs attention.

At Home Red Light Therapy Rituals that Work

For me, I’ve found the best ritual for me to ensure I get my red light therapy is before bed. You may think that exposing yourself to light would make it difficult to sleep. It’s actually the opposite when it comes to red light therapy. Blue light emitted by fluorescent lights and monitors activates our body and keeps us awake.

The red light on the other hand allows us to detox from the blue light and relax. I turn on my red light after a shower and when I’m ready for bed. The SaunaSpace system is also very quiet and makes no noise so it’s super relaxing. This ritual allows me to wind down from the day and the soothing light heals muscle ailments and rejuvenates my skin. I’d recommend using the at-home red light therapy system when you are ready to relax.

Wrapping Up

Overall, I can’t recommend my SaunaSpace enough. Even if you have no muscle aches or immediate skin conditions like eczema or psoriasis, it’s very relaxing and great to keep your skin healthy. If you are short on space, like me, I’d recommend the Photon Infrared Therapy Light. It’s perfect for targeting the areas you need and has a very small footprint. Feel free to reach out on Instagram (@mytinylagunakitchen), or in the comments below, if you have any questions about red light therapy!