Creating Mala Jewelry with a Mala Board

December, 14th 2021

So I’m the type of craftswoman who loves to work on multiple projects at once. I’m always dreaming up delicious recipes, homemade teas, skincare products, painting, etc. I just got introduced to making my own Mala jewelry using a Mala board and right away I was hooked! The Mala board is the perfect tool to eliminate any hassle that could come with working with beads and making jewelry. I absolutely adore handmade gift making, yet sometimes it can get a little overwhelming learning all of the new techniques. That’s where the Mala board comes in. It’s the perfect tool for starting to work with creating Mala jewelry. Whether you are a professional or just beginning a Mala board can make all the difference.

In my creative flow with tarot cards, Mala beads and Mala boards for both necklaces and bracelets.
Close up of the Mala bracelet boards in progress.
My table when working on Mala bracelets. I have 3 Mala boards and the beads I use for creating organized in cups.

How I Learned About Using a Mala Board

I was always kind of curious about how to make Mala jewelry but was also intimidated at the same time. There were so many beads, I had no idea how to organize my thoughts, plan out my piece, etc. That’s when my lovely friend Emily from The Weekend Mystic introduced me to her handmade Mala boards. Her Mala boards not only make the process of designing and creating Mala jewelry so much fun and a complete breeze, but the boards themselves are also a work of art. The boards are designed with a beautiful intention that sets the mood for connecting to your heart center and creating beautiful works of art.

I first met Emily at a woman’s mushroom conference in Wisconsin. We quickly bonded over our love of nature, mushroom hunting, creativity, arts and crafts. When Emily explained to me her handmade Mala boards, and how they helped aid Mala jewelry design, I wanted to try one so bad. So when she decided to send one over for me to try, I was thrilled! I felt so creative and inspired!

Organizing my beads in the Mala board containers for designing my necklace
Close up of the 5 bracelets I made on my Mala board.

Why Use a Mala Board

As one who likes to experiment with designs before actually sticking and creating a design, a Mala board is the perfect tool. I can easily layout my design, tweak it until I get exactly what I want, then thread the beads. While I’m a beginner at designing Mala jewelry, I can already see the value in using a Mala board as a creator with a ton of experience as well.

The Mala boards allow you to place all your beads in a small little dish while you plan out your design. Each board, regardless of size, has a small groove where you can lay out your bead design before threading. It’s essentially a safe space to build with intention and try new designs until you find one that works. You can try different beads, color schemes, layouts, etc. Then you can take your finalized design and thread it up to your finished piece of jewelry!

Using a Mala Board

Using and creating with a Mala board couldn’t be easier. There are three main steps when building a piece of jewelry with a Mala board.

Gather Tools and Supplies

The first step to creating a piece of jewelry is to gather your tools and supplies. This involves string, beads, your Mala board (either for necklace or bracelet), and any clasps, artisan feathers, etc. Once you have all of these together, sort your beads into small cups or into a dish on the Mala board itself. This will just make it easier to sort and organize once your get into your creative vibe.

Layout the Piece

This is where the Mala board really shines. Beads, being spherical, tend not to stay put if you are using a table. With The Weekend Mystic‘s mala board, she uses a unique, patented design that features 108 individual divots for the beads to sit in. The board counts for you!”. You can test out different bead patterns, color patterns, layouts, etc., and let your creative freedom fly! Once you have your piece laid out, you can move to the next step.

Threading the Mala Jewelry

Since all the beads are laid out on the Mala board, this step is much easier to do! All you have to do is thread your needle, then one by one place each bead onto the string in order, tying a small knot in between each bead so they stay perfectly spaced. When you have completed your piece, ensure you tie up the loose ends to a latch or hook so the jewelry can safely be removed.

As simple as the process is, the art is infinitely creative. There’s so much you can do with Mala jewelry and develop your own style and design!

My work in progress! I've got a few Mala beads on the string and it's starting to come together!
Grabbing an individual bead to place in my Mala design.
Threading the beads onto the string for the Mala board.

The Perfect Gift for Creatives

Do you know of anyone in your life who is a jewelry maker or creator? Whether they are into creating Mala bracelets or necklaces, The Weekend Mystic has a board that will work for you. Her Mala boards provide a safe space to create, try different color schemes, and layout your design easily and efficiently. Her boards are also super durable and reusable. Since they are made out of wood, they are beautifully designed and inspiring with sustainability in mind. Mala boards make perfect gifts for these creators! Head on over to her site to see her beautiful creations.

If you have any questions, feel free to reach out to me on Instagram (@mytinylagunakitchen) or to The Weekend Mystic (@theweekendmystic). We’d love to help you on your Mala jewelry journey!