the heart of the matter & life updates. February 2021

February, 9th 2021

Hi dear friends, I hope this post finds you well. It’s been a long time since I have popped on to write about any musings going on in our daily lives.

I’m going to first start with a topic that is on our hearts, please skip over this if you find emotional news to be triggering at the moment. I have gone back and forth on if I should share this news here, as the past year has been such a turbulent year in general. The last thing I want is for this space to pull anyone down. Yet the heart of the matter calls me to share what is on our hearts, just in case you have also gone through any turbulent loss and hardships this year. If this is so, know that you are not alone.

heart tribute.

Without further a-doe, the beginning of our year was a very rough start. As we lost my partner’s Father very suddenly on January 1st. We were visiting dear friends of ours in Lake Tahoe, CA when we got the call. An angel of a friend lent us her luggage, booked us a flight & drove us straight over to SFO that evening, where we cautiously flew to Wisconsin in the morning.

I mostly felt called to share this news due to the man who passed was one of my biggest supporters in following my heart to keep up with any and all of my passions. Including this very blog.

One of John’s handmade wooden spoons. Photography by my dear friend Luna Münn

John was a very talented woodworker, who was always crafting up unique props for the blog. He would craft the most gorgeous cutting boards, pens, herbal scoops, and the most stunning spoons (pictured above) for me to use in my photography & videography work. Dan and I would send him photos of the props once they made it to my blog posts, and they would always make his day. Words cannot express how heartbroken we are by the news and we are still processing the sudden loss. If anyone is familiar with grief and loss then you know how it feels to ride the waves.

Photography by my dear friend Luna Münn

life changes.

While we know we aren’t the only ones who have gone through such hardship and loss especially this and last year. We are also counting the simple blessings that we do have today, which is our health, community, and loved ones. What a wake-up call this past year has been to show us what really matters in life and that truly every day is a gift.

With that being said we are also going through some major life transitions. We haven’t publicly announced them as we haven’t decided how quickly they are happening, but once we have a better idea and feel of the situation I am certain they will eventually make it to this space. At the moment I have been getting messages to listen to my heart over my head, as this has been a decision that has been in the background of our lives for quite a bit of time now.

astrology + interwoven life blessings.

In the midst of navigating the unimaginable and unknown, I have been blessed with the gifts of the community that I would love to share with you.

On Instagram, I connected with the sweet @becomingcaprine from Yup Astrology! I was lucky enough to win a giveaway for a free reading, and a handful of handmade gifts. The reading was given to me a week or so ago, and wow it was exactly what I needed. Sometimes in life, we just need to be reminded of who we are, and what we are here to do. This is what I feel like I received, a reminder, and so much permission to be my true self.

Now that we are in the huge life decision process I am also getting a career reading and an astrocartography chart reading at the end of this month! A career reading to assist me to hone in focus on where I want to be of service and keep pouring my passion into.

An astrocartography chart reading to help me learn what lessons & energetics I can lean into in different geographical places based on my astrology lines. Amazing right?! Adrienne was also kind enough to extend an offer to all of you 25% off any reading (natal, synastry, or astrocartography)! If any of the offerings call out to you check out her services here.

Photography by my dear friend Luna Münn

Last but not least, I hope that you are able to find a bit of joy even in the midst of change and heartache. I appreciate all of you that are here SO much. I feel really blessed by all of you, I have some recipes in the works and appreciate your patience as we navigating uncharted waters.