Natural Skincare Routine for Non-Toxic Living

September, 3rd 2020

I’ve got to ask, how have you been surviving at home this summer? For me, it’s been a lot of re-training and unlearning certain habits, developing new routines, and slowing down the pace of life. While these are all necessary during this time, I have found that having a routine can really help myself ground, provide some much-needed self-care, and make things feel just a little bit “normal”. One of my favorite routines that I have developed is my natural skincare routine.

Close up of the 3 skincare products I use for my natural skincare routine.

This routine is easy to adopt and a great way to make sure you keep up on your skincare. It’s especially important through these toasty summer months while our skin is adapting. All you need for this routine is a few products from For The Biome, and you are all set!

The glow of the serums!

How To Start Your Natural Skincare Routine

Let’s get the elephant out of the room. Starting routines can be a little bit difficult. However, I find this routine to be so simple, relaxing, and beneficial, it took one run through and I was hooked. The best place to start this routine is in the morning or at night after a bath or shower. With a little more time at home, I’ve found my self in the infinite scrolling of the internet. I usually catch that and make myself a bath or a shower in the evening. After this bath, I begin my evening natural skincare routine.

Same as in the morning, after a shower to begin the day. To be honest, I used to think that self-care and time I spent disconnecting was selfish. Or just for Instagram. However, I’ve learned just how important it is to keep up with my rituals, that fill me up. Not only do they keep my stress levels down, but it also helps me feel more grounded and creative. In today’s society it’s really easy to disconnect from our own energy.

Top down of the bowl I use to mix up the face mask.

Benefits of Non-Toxic

I’ve shared on the blog before that I am working on re-balancing my hormones. One of the most important steps you can take to re-balance is to avoid toxic ingredients. That’s why I trust For The Biome’s skincare. It’s specifically formulated by a master herbalist to benefit your skin’s biome. Believe it or not, a lot of other products can actually hurt some of your skin’s biome. Having the trust in a non-toxic product takes the worry out of developing a routine with it.

For The Biome’s products are so versatile that you don’t need a million different products. You just need a few of their products and it only requires a few steps to restore you skin’s health.

So with all these benefits of the routine and the non-toxic products, let’s take a look! By the way, I just learned that I am an Enneagram 2 and 4. Which are “The Helper” and “The Individualist”. I take passion in the helping aspect of this natural skincare routine and hope that you find a ton of benefit!

Visual step by step guide for my natural skincare routine!
Top down shot of a few of the products.

Step 1: Cleanse and/or Mask

When applied, this product has a creamy paste texture or you can add a little more water for a milkier texture. There is no wrong way to blend it, it’s really about figuuring out what you enjoy. 

The Empower Powder 2-IN-1 cleanser features ingredients that you may be really familiar with such as ashwagandha, aloe vera, reishi, and chamomile just to name a few of the potent & natural ingredients. This specific powder formula strategically unites 10 botanicals, 6 probiotic strains, and reishi mushroom for a potent prebiotic and hydrating experience.

Step 2: Spritz & Restore

In my opinion, there is nothing better than getting out of the shower or bath, drying your face, and spritzing your face with For The Biomes Restore Essence Spray. It just feels SO refreshing and whenever I am out of the Restore Spray I literally crave the feeling & smell of this beautiful product. It has Manuka honey and probiotics that help to feed your skin’s own microbiome. How amazing right? During summer, on a day it is really hot out, I also keep this in the fridge and spray it on my face throughout the day for a little extra cooling. It’s literally the ultimate treat to reset.

Side view of a few of For The Biome's products and a crystal.

Step 3: Hydrate & Shield

The Shield Face Serum is both a serum and a moisturizer, just in one product! It has familiar ingredients such as rosehip seed, marigold, and chamomile. Shield Face Serum helps to protect your skin (and hormones) against blue light. We get blue light from practically every where these days. We are constantly absorbing blue light from our mobile phones, laptops, TV screens, and even the lights that we have in our home. Using this serum not only moisturizes but it also protects.

So, where do I start?

1st option: If you are brand new to skincare and don’t know which starter kit would be better for your skin, I recommend starting with the Discovery Trial Set ($38 with free 2-day shipping on every order!). You get a mini size of every skincare product that For The Biome makes. This will help you decide which ones work best for your skin and your preferences. Plus they make great travel sizes for when you go on your next road trip!

2nd option: You have a good idea of your skin type and how you prefer it to feel, I recommend purchasing their Sentitent Starter Set. This set features three products: Empower Powder 2-in-1, Restore Essence Spray and Shield Face Serum. Get a FREE Tool Kit ($30 value): cleansing cloth, bowl, and spoon. Claim your gift by adding Tool Kit to your cart using the code TOOLKIT at checkout.

3rd option: Try out just a powder cleanser or mask. You will love the way your skin feels afterwards. You also get a Free Tool Kit with the first order of any powder cleanser or mask. Friendly reminder: you get free 2-day shipping with every order!

4th option: You know EXACTLY what you are looking for and want the full-sized products. Make sure you use LAGUNA10 for 10% off on all full-size products!

All of the products!

Let me know how you do getting off the ground with your new skincare routine! If you need any tips or tricks, just comment below or reach out on Instagram (@mytinylagunakitchen) xoxo!

This post is sponsored by my friends at For The Biome, a brand that I’ve been connected with for the past year. It always fills my heart to use, share and support brands that follow sustainable, organic & non-toxic practices. All thoughts & opinions are my own. Thank you for supporting brands who help to support the blog.

Side view of a few of the For The Biome products