July 2020 – Diving into the depths of healing.

Originally published on July, 13th 2020. Last updated on July, 16th 2020

Hello my friends, & welcome to July, every ounce of my being wanted to write to you in June, as it’s always been my favorite month out of the year. Seeing that is Cancer Season, My Birthday Month & Summer Solstice, yet it didn’t feel right to share my experience. I was in deep listening mode, for I too have more learning to do when it comes to making this world a better place, a place that feels safe and secure not just for one race but for all. If you are having a hard time with this concept and open to a new perspective I have some resources that I have found very useful below. I am getting a lot out of the book Mindful Of Race: Transforming Racism from the Inside Out by Ruth King.

Now with the world in the state that is has been my sensitive soul & body has been needing some catching up. There have been moments of great joy to the stillness and equal waves isolation, fear of the unknown, longing for community, and seeing loved ones. How have you been during this time?

Overnight Intuitive Herbal Infusion

What I’ve been sippin’ on lately.

Overnight intuitive herbal infusions, especially with Schisandra berry, hibiscus flowers, dried elderberry, dried blueberries, & rosehips. You can find a similar version on my blog here. But instead of it being Autumn it’s more summery with the berries. I just use a big french press, put in the herbs, berries & flowers, and pour over hot water to let it steep overnight. I add a little sweetener in the morning (stevia is my go-to), vanilla bean powder & ice! It’s so refreshing & energizing to sip throughout the day.

Drying Flowers for Tea Making

Diving deeper into healing & vulnerability.

Now, are you ready to jump into vulnerability with me? Do be aware this could be triggering content if you are someone you know struggles with addiction. Among the world healing, I have also have had deep healing happening. I’ve been doing a lot of reprogramming, around thoughts, and habits that have kept me small, this can be anywhere from obsessing about finding a place I feel like I belong, all the way to learning how to parent myself. Which looks like everything from cooking myself nourishing meals, overnight herbal infusions, drinking enough water, laying in the sun, giving myself days off & surrounding myself with loving friendships. If you know me personally there’s a small chance you know that I have a parent who struggles with addiction. Due to respecting their privacy, I won’t share any specific details at this time. & often times I know I am here to break those patterns within myself, while learning acceptance & compassion at the same time. & speaking of reprogramming isn’t what the collective is being called it to do?

If anyone of you relates to this topic then you know it is no small mountain to climb, as is any healing journey. Let me be clear, I don’t want pity and I don’t fear the judgment of others knowing this about me anymore. As we are all human, and we all struggle with something in our own lives. I have felt it’s my calling to share such lessons, to welcome you in knowing you are not alone, and most importantly feel empowered that you have come this far in your own journey.

Along with this healing journey, I have also been called to allow myself to feel joy. To enjoy what I am doing in life, to allow myself to enjoy who I work with, to allow myself to be in the creative & healing spaces. To know that this healing isn’t keeping me small, that it’s actually expanding me into greater places as the layers of what no longer serves shed. To surround myself with loving beings, and even find joy in the healing journey. After all, let’s not forget that healing in itself is a privilege not everyone has access to.

Photo by: Luna Münn Photography

Updates on the blog!

I am in the midst of redesigning my website with a beautiful soul Jess Madsen, I will definitely keep you updated on the process, we are just in the beginning stages at the moment.

Speaking of finding joy, I have started working with a fellow blogger, who I am over the moon to be creating content for. She is such an inspiration to me, and I feel so grateful to be creating with her. Make sure you check out Colleen’s blog at Grow Forage Cook Ferment.

Crafting my heart away.

Like any true artist, I always have to be learning something new in order for me to feel content. Therefore I have started to take a course on how to make my own beeswax candles! It’s from an online school called The Crafters Box! I still need to find a night that is cool enough for us to make them, as we are in a heatwave right now. Other crafts that I have been researching are botanical & plant dying! I’ve always had a long-running obsession with indigo, but now I want to get back to it and expand my knowledge, some resources I am enjoying is Billynou on Youtube, her videos are just so so beautiful and inspirational to watch.

I’ve already started saving my avocado skins and seeds to make a batch. Who knows if I love the work enough, maybe I’ll end up selling them on the blog someday? Maybe…. but for now I’ll just enjoy the creative process. Oh and I just bought a few classes from Maggie Pate, who is a wonderful resource if you are looking to plant dye your own. Click here to check out her online workshops. None of these are sponsored or affiliates, just some passions that I am working and love to share with you! xo

Have you ever tried natural dying? If so do you have any tips or favorite projects that you have made?

Laguna Beach, CA

What else has been nourishing me lately?

Being in the garden to surround myself with flowers, and soaking up all the lessons in gardening. I’m sure I’ll touch more on the lessons of gardening in another blog post someday. About 3-4 times per week we have been making a point to jump and go swimming in the ocean. Also, I’m sure I could write a whole post about how healing just being in the ocean can be, especially when it reminds us to surrender to the flow of life. (Oh & taking lots of social media/phone breaks.) Feel free to comment below: What has been nourishing you lately?

Thank you for being here, sending you all the love, health and healing. xo