May 2020 – Magical Matcha Date

May, 30th 2020

Hello friends! How are you doing? Do you have time for a Matcha Date? Where we sit down & chat (virtually) about all the things… food, feelings, & transitions. Grab your matcha or tea, and let’s get started. I’ve really been looking forward to catching up with all of you this month. It’s been an odd time, with so much beauty, and grief to digest at the same time.

Dewy spider webs in Laguna Canyon hiking trail.

Rest & transformation is sacred.

Here we are, nearing the end of May, and I have to admit that I’ve hit a wall where my whole body has called for rest & quiet. The only way I can try to put the feelings into words is a quiet transformation. While I type this, the image of a flower getting ready to bloom comes to mind. Or a butterfly wrapped tightly in its cocoon.

Last month, when I was getting Reiki 2 certified, I was also lucky enough to be a winner of a giveaway for a virtual Reiki Energy Healing Session. The messages that came through were everything I really needed to receive & hear. Although it was hard & vulnerable to hear, she recommended to me the need to stay in my own energy field, in order to honor my own energy reserves. This is in contrast to trying to create & give from an empty tank. I’ll admit it, looking back that was what I was doing. I was creating and giving, without stopping and nourishing myself. I was online wanting to support others, before supporting myself.

I share this, because in today’s world of social media, and being in virtual reality, it can become really easy & habitual to wake up, turn on the phone, & tune into someones else’s frequency over our own. Without even realizing it, we forget to support ourselves and our own energy field (Especially for my fellow HSP/Empaths). Creativity is a process with its own natural life and death cycle where at times we are tapped in and it is flowing, and other times we need to rest & trust that the cycle will come back around.

Without honoring our own energy & cycles we fall into a habit of looking outside of ourselves for our inspiration, versus turning inward, asking ourselves & spirit what is wanting/needing to be created today? Especially when we think that the only way we are going to be successful is if we are machines, who mass produce & try to keep up with everyone else. I am working on reprogramming my own ideas that mass production is the only way to success is absolutely not true. Success comes with a lot of self-care, compassion, taping into the feminine, and mothering ourselves right where we are, versus where we think we ought to be.

Cactus Blooms from a hike in Los Angeles.

How have I been filling up my tank?

I’ve been doing a lot of reading, feeling, resting, hiking & studying in the background. As some of you know from last month, I enrolled in Herbal Academy’s Introductory and Intermediate online courses. Being a graphic designer for the last decade I am very specific about online schools, but with Herbal Academy, I am very impressed and happy with how they build & layout their courses. They have amazing content, videos, community, and a wonderful user experience.

I also just purchased the Herbal Academy’s Foraging Course! It’s at an early bird special ($39!) right now, so if you are also interested in foraging I highly recommend it taking advantage of the deal & we can study together! What have you been doing to fill in your time? Are you into foraging too?

Calendula growing in our garden.

I’ve also still been gardening & learning how to keep the pests at bay (ha!) So if you have any recommendations for snails, let me know, please. 😉

*New Offerings*

I am over the moon to announce that I am now offerings distance reiki energy healing sessions, AND tarot card readings (coming soon). During this time of quiet, I have been called to start offering my healing gifts to all of you, so I have opened up one day a week for these offerings. It has been a call to connect with all of you on a deeper level.

If you feel called to book a session, just click here to schedule! I look forward to working with you!

Sunset hours in the Aliso Canyon.

Join us on YouTube!

We are on YouTube, this is where I have been posting videos about once a week for all of you. It’s a way to bring more accessibility to our recipes, and the best part is it is free. All you have to do is click the subscribe button. xo