March Magical Matcha Date

March, 23rd 2020

Magic in the Mundane

Hi friends, How are you doing? I’ve never been really great at expressing my feelings, I’m just really good at feeling them. Therefore I’ve been trying my absolute best to really express how I feel about what is happening in the world right now. Especially when we are powerless over what is going on. How I get through it is by diving deep and counting my blessings. Not in the “I’m just going to glaze over and pretend like everything is fine” way. That isn’t the case at all. As a matter of fact, when I explain what I am doing to get by, it isn’t me trying to tell you how to survive this chapter either. 

I believe we are all here to be of service, in someway, expressing our own gifts & talents. Therefore, at this moment, I have found peace in my creative element, in movement, in storytelling, in connecting with like-minded souls (from a safe distance). To baking in the kitchen, checking in with everyone online, sometimes we don’t have to do anything in order to be enough. Sometimes we just have to show up, knowing that that is enough. My heart goes out the families affected, to the Mothers & Fathers who are working from home & care-taking at the same time. To the nurses & doctors out on the frontlines. 

What I’ve been gathering during this time is finding the magic in the mundane. Instead of looking from the outside in, looking from the inside out. To embrace this stillness from ourselves and the Earth. Through all of this, I’ve been remembering instead of looking outside of myself for the things I think I need, to look inside & around me. I’m finding right here, that I have everything that I could ever need & more. So matcha cheers, remembering we have enough right where we are, and this too shall pass. There is so much unknown & uncertainty in the world, how can we root down right where we are? 

What I am loving these days:

Gather + Root – A foraging online class: during this time, since I can’t go to a physical in-person class I’ve dedicated it to learning more about Herbalism & Foraging. Colleen from the blog Grow Forage Cook Ferment teaches it at a simple & affordable standpoint. What is better than learning & being outside at the same time? 

❁ Herbal Academy Courses: Herbal Academy is having a HUGE sale on two of their most popular courses! Both Intro & Intermediate courses are 50% off. I just purchased the Intermediate Course & the Mushroom Course. A lot of people ask me where I learn about Herbalism & my main source is Herbal Academy, I hope to do an in-person apprenticeship as well. I am also enrolled in & LOVE The Botanical Skincare Course.

This article on The Future of Lifestyle Blogging in 2020: The Golden Age of blogging by Laurali Star reading her blog gives me so much inspiration & ideas especially when speaking on healing & spirituality. 

❁ I’m now on YouTube! I’ve taken a long break but I’ve started pouring more love & energy on YouTube where I’ll show you directly how to make recipes (& lifestyle videos someday!) Let me know what would you like to see more of! Feel free to reply to this email & I would love for you to join me there! Follow along here! xo

Enough about me, how have you been during this historical time? 

Feel free to comment below xo