The Power of a Morning Ritual

March, 4th 2020

Starting last week, I’ve been developing a morning ritual that starts with a “digital detox” right away in the morning. To pull this off, I had to set a strong boundary with myself. I told myself I had to wake up and meditate before going onto my phone. This way I am able to step into my own energy field right away in the morning instead of taking on everyone else’s energy.

I used to wake up, meditate, pull a card, and then go right on to Instagram. I’d right away share my card of the day. While I really enjoy this routine, I noticed it had some negative side effects. Instead of just posting the card to Instagram and connecting with the community, I would get lost in the world of social media, the good, the bad, and everywhere in-between. Before I knew it my day was delayed and my energy was someone else’s.

I know a lot of people are grateful for me sharing the “energy of the day” card with the collective. Don’t worry, I plan to keep doing it at some point, but most likely not right away in the morning. I still want to connect with the community, I just want to bring my truest self and be present.

What is a “digital detox”?

So what does my morning ritual look like now? First, I start the day off with a warm cup of water mixed with lemon juice (hello liver cleanser!). This is a nice peaceful way to warm the soul.

Next, I fit in my To Be Magnetic Daily Imagining. Currently, I am on the “Resilience” meditation from the “Rock Bottom” course. Depending on what I feel I need during the day, this is subject to change. However, I definitely make sure that I get in my To Be Magnetic.

After I finish my daily imaging, I meditate for 5-10 minutes. Lately, I’ve been loving just doing simple 6 counts inhales & exhales while listening to the artist East Forest. It’s a great way to ground myself and get ready to face the day.

Pulling An Energy Card

Finally, I pull my energy for the day card. My routine for pulling my card is outlined below. You don’t have to do it this the same way, but I like to share just in case anyone to new to this practice.

The first step I take when pulling a card is, I will knock three times on my deck to clear any previous or stagnant energy lingering in the deck. Next, I’ll hold the deck close to my heart & gently ask spirit a question. Generally in the mornings, I just ask for what is the energy of the day like, or where should I focus my energy today? After I ask, I shuffle the deck about 2-6 times. I love to shuffle the deck until a card jumps out. This is how I know which one is for me. Once my card is chosen, I read the card description, and if I have time I’ll journal.

Journaling can take a little extra time, so I tend to just get up and start the day. However, if I have the time, I find it really helps me process the energy and get a good start to the day.

If you need a deck to start with, check out a few of my go-to decks on my recommended products page.

Depending on if I have extra time, I’ll make breakfast (which I have found has been essential to having some balance), or do some light stretching, a spin class or a reformer pilates class.

Now I know this all sounds like a lot, but trust me it’s completely worth it. Once you get into the routine, it really doesn’t take long at all. You will begin to feel the benefits immediately, and wish you would have started earlier!

How has my morning ritual shifted my energy?

I feel that when I’ve been able to start the day in my own energy, the WHOLE day has felt more grounded. This positively affects my community, relationships, work, and all aspects of life.

Think about it. Visually I feel like when we fill up our own energy tank versus looking to others to feel like we are enough, we can operate within our true self. Because of my morning routine, I feel more connected to my creativity, my own thoughts & own visions for what I want to create and how I want to feel.

I’m all for supporting each other, but in order to love and care for others, we really have to love and care for ourselves. We aren’t doing anyone a favor showing up for one another half-filled or even running on empty. A beautiful thing happens when we fill ourselves up, we inspire others to do the same. Can you imagine what the world would look like if we all checked in with ourselves & filled up our own cups in the morning? There would be way more love and a lot less burnout.

Productivity improvements

Another benefit of my new morning ritual is not only do I spend less time on a screen, but it’s even helped with my productivity in the morning. Because I’m more productive in the morning, it makes me want to check social media less during the day creating a cyclical pattern of productivity within my own energy.

The digital life is almost like having sugar for breakfast, it’s addicting and your body craves it all day. Checking social media is like that, you check it in the morning and your brain asks you for the same dopamine effect throughout the day.

I told a friend the other day that I’ve had an awakening that sounds too simple to be true. It was the realization that my life comes before social media. Social media will always be there for when I feel inspired to post, but I don’t need to check on it all day long.

The benefit of all of this? I feel more grounded, more creative, and more productive throughout the day allowing me to come into my truest energy and create more recipes and content for the collective. I’m super excited to see the results of my digital detox so far and looking forward to seeing the long term outcomes from the process!

Do you have any morning ritual or digital detox tips? If so, I’d love to hear them! Send me a message in the comment section below! xo