October, 19th 2018

My Experience With The Kitchen Witch Bone Broth Gut Cleanse & Big Bear, CA Highlights

Kitchen Witch Bone Broth Gut Cleanse & Big Bear, CA Highlights: So if you’ve been following me on Instagram, you may have noticed I was doing the 5 days Kitchen Witch Bone Broth Gut Reset. This included 3 soups per day with a huge jar of bone broth. I have to say, having completed it, I felt AMAZING! I’ve done a few cleanses/resets in my past, but I definitely don’t always feel this good. Before, while, and after doing the gut reset, I journaled my experiences so I could share them with you. I figured this would help those of you who have never done a gut reset or are considering trying it for the first time.

Before you cleanse

I would tell someone new to doing a cleanse or committing to this type of eating for a period of time is to cut out your stimulants/irritants from the diet you normally consume. Sometimes these become habit such as a morning coffee or cookie between meals. I myself am a creature of habit and will eat something just because I’ve been eating it (or drinking Matcha). To recognize these foods and cut them out before you begin, will make the process so much easier!

Why I Did The Gut Reset

There are so many nutritional reasons but one that really appeals to me is the benefits bone broth has to help heal digestive ailments, inflammation, and bloating. There are a lot of trigger foods out there for me that affect my digestive system and/or trigger inflammation. Doing the reset and following it thoroughly ensures that I eliminate these trigger foods from my diet and keeps me accountable for my commitment to the reset.

I also love committing to these cleanses/resets because along with the health benefits, they reset my appetite. Sometimes, when you are hungry, you think you just can’t go on without your next fix of food. With a commitment to a cleanse, I know what I’m going to be eating for each meal and I don’t have to think about it. This helps avoid snacking or making unhealthy decisions in the heat of hunger.

Don’t worry though, it’s pain-free. It’s refreshing and the way you feel upon completion is amazing! Read more benefits of Bone Broth. 

Pre-Gut Reset

To prepare for any type of gut reset or cleanse, it’s a good idea to fade into it. Even though the cleanse itself was 5 days, I started preparing the week before. Why? Because it’s much easier to commit to a 5 day reset if your body is already partly used to it!

To prep, I started having bone broth for one meal per day, just to get used to it. I added a few fixings to my bone broth such as miracle noodles, eggs, garlic, and veggies. Even if you aren’t going to go through with the gut reset, this makes an amazing meal and you should give it a try!

I also cut out any other stimulants. This helped my body be prepared for when the gut reset kicked in. On the gut reset, there’s no coffee, sugar or other extremely addictive substances. You can always go cold turkey, but I’d definitely not plan on it being as easy! You are not only changing your diet, but you are also cutting out stimulants and that’s a lot to handle!

Being a busy person, having worked in the morning and activities throughout the day and evening, I made sure that the day before the cleanse kicked in, I had all of my fixings for my bone broth ready to go! This means I chopped up some green onions, ginger, garlic, cilantro, etc. I also purchased some Cayenne Hot Sauce from Burn Hot Sauce to fix up my bone broths. The gut reset comes with soups too for meals!

Last but not least, I made sure I had two small hydro flasks and one large Yeti cup. The two small hydro flasks were for the soups that I’d bring with me to work for breakfast and lunch and the large Yeti cup was for the bone broth that I made easy to keep it warm. This is extremely helpful when kicking off the gut reset so you don’t have to worry about heating stuff up on the go, or how you will transfer it.


Day 1

The first day of the cleanse, I had all of my veggies and condiment bar ready to rock and roll for my bone broths. In the morning when I woke up, I had some hot water with lemon and apple cider vinegar on an empty stomach. This helps to detoxify the liver and you receive all of the nutrients from the lemon and apple cider vinegar.

With my own digestive system, I needed a little more fiber so what I did was mix up a simple coconut kefir drink with some cranberry juice and chia seeds. This is permitted by the gut reset and is super helpful for digestion.

For day one, I also kept my activity level pretty simple while my body got used to the gut reset. As far as exercise goes, listen to your body. Some people find they have more energy than ever while some people have super strong detox side effects. This is all dependent upon the lifestyle you had before you started.

People who don’t eat dairy, consume caffeine or sugar will have a much easier time. Don’t give up on day one if it becomes hard, you will get used to it. Go for a walk and get some Earthing in. This helps tremendously to distract yourself from any detox symptoms.

I also stocked up on teas. This will help with the next few days as I plan on incorporating different flavors to keep my taste buds happy!


  • Listen to your body and exercise accordingly. Don’t overdo it!
  • Stock up on teas, this will keep your taste buds happy and tastes diverse!

Day 2

At this point, you might be feeling some detox symptoms. That’s okay! That’s the purpose of the gut reset!

I was very thankful today that I had my condiment bar prepared for my bone broth because let me tell you, it was a busy day! Besides working, I scheduled an Indigo dying workshop with some ladies. It was a blast! I got to fuel my artistic passion and distract myself from any of the detox symptoms I was having. It’s good to plan events with friends that don’t involve dinner or food you cannot eat when you are on the reset. This helps eliminate distractions and still allows you to get some well needed social time in there.

The only thing I noticed doing a soup and bone broth cleanse is I missed chewing. Sounds interesting, but when you see everyone else eating food, you are kind of like “Hey, I’m supposed to be doing that too!” but adding in chopped garlic, ginger or sauerkraut will help you with this.

I did feel like I had a lot of energy through the day, but after the Indigo workshop, I was exhausted. I only brought my bone broth with me, but in hindsight, I should have brought soup as well. However, since I was distracted doing art, I didn’t let the hunger get to me. When I got home, I ate my soup and went straight to bed.


  • Schedule events with friends that do not involve going out for food. It’s much easier this way!

Day 3

On Day 3, my boyfriend and I left for Big Bear after work! Being in Southern California, this meant traffic and we definitely hit some on the way up there. Luckily I had a soup ready to go for the travel in my Hydroflask. Once we got up to Big Bear, I warmed up some more soup and wound down before bed.

I definitely began to notice at this point some of the benefits of the gut reset. I felt much less bloated and much less mental fog. This is what I really enjoyed about doing the gut reset compared to a juice cleanse is I don’t bloat. Also, the bone broth gut reset is much friendlier for candida because of the low sugar and high fiber content. The soups and bone broth are also packed with spices which are delicious and both are very warming!

However, I did start to miss some of the foods I was used to. Especially our “Friday Night”/“Travel” foods that my boyfriend and I usually make. We usually treat ourselves to some Organic Ghee Popcorn and I was really starting to miss that. I also love cooking with him when we travel and making healthy meals and treats, but since I was on the reset I couldn’t do that. That’s alright though because it makes me thankful for the food I sometimes take for granted. Since I started to feel the benefits of the gut reset, it made the continuing on much easier!

I also made another drink with chia seeds and homemade coconut kefir with cranberry juice to help my fiber intake. Yes… we travel with coconut kefir and chia seeds! 🙂

Day 4

This was our first day in Big Bear! We got a beautiful, tiny A-Frame cabin and oh my goodness was it gorgeous! We woke up for an early Kundalini yoga class which was super refreshing and then headed back to our cabin where I made a soup and a chia drink. Dan made a big breakfast for himself with eggs, veggies, and chicken. This was a little difficult because it looked and smelled amazing!

Kitchen Witch Bone Broth Gut Cleanse & Big Bear, CA Highlights

We had some hiking planned for the day. Nothing too intense since my main food consisted of soup and bone broth, so after I had my breakfast and chia drink, I heated up another soup and bone broth for lunch. I’m telling you guys, the hydro flasks are the way to go! We just threw them in the backpack and food stayed warm throughout the hike. This way I still had warm meals on the go. I fixed up my bone broth with some ghee and Kung Fu Tonic (if you haven’t heard my love for this product yet, you HAVE to check it out. Locally made in Laguna Beach, this is the perfect add in to any soup, broth, or any meal to make it delicious!). We debated on going for a very long, more strenuous hike, but decided since I was on a soup cleanse, we were in higher elevation, we decided to go on a more flat nature hike. It was perfect! We found a picnic table and talked while I ate soup!

At this point in the reset, I definitely felt more hungry throughout the day. One thing I did notice though was before the gut reset (this might be TMI but definitely good to know), I had a little bit of a flare-up. by day 4 of taking probiotics, doing the soup cleanse, and daily Kung Fu Tonic tinctures, it was completely gone! The benefits of this reset are amazing!

I was a little extra hungry in the evening due to the day’s activities and movement so I ate some roasted Brussels Sprouts. The gut reset allows this and after a hike and yoga, this was exactly what I needed.

I should also mention that throughout the cleanse they recommend drinking one “bulletproof” drink. This means any drink fortified with ghee, coconut milk or almond milk. For this drink I had Malk heated up, with some ghee we got at the local farmers market, and Blue Lotus Chai. This is good on any occasion!

Day 5 The Last Day!

This was the last day of the gut reset and unfortunately the last day in Big Bear. It was pretty simple at this point. I woke up and had some soup around noon. We heated up some more soup and bone broth to go on a little walk and prepare to travel back to Laguna.

On the way home, we stopped at Erewhon market in Venice to meet up with some friends, which, oh my, if you haven’t been there it is a mecca for healthy food, creative treats, and exceptional vibe. There I got a CBD lemonade to round out the gut reset.

Once I was home, it was pretty late, so I drank some water and went to bed. At this point, I was feeling incredible and clean. It was a great feeling!

Breaking the Gut Reset

You definitely have to phase in your “regular” foods after a gut reset or cleanse. Your body has gotten used to what you have been feeding it so make sure you start slow. I broke my gut reset with a small breakfast of pomegranate seeds and a chia seed cranberry drink. It was delicious!

Overall, I think this cleanse is wonderful for anyone whether you are a beginner or an advanced cleanser, this is a wonderful place to start! You can scale it to how advanced you want it to be and add some customizations to your meals (like my condiment bar). I really liked that part. There’s not of pressure or strict guidelines. You could eat a salad during the cleanse if you really wanted.

If you are looking to do a gut reset yourself you could definitely do it on your own. However, it was SUPER convenient to have a box shipped to my front door from Kitchen Witch Bone Broth.

Everything was prepared and organized and ready to rock and roll. Right now, they only ship to an expanded West Coast map, but in the near future, they are looking to expand.

If you have any questions about the gut reset or cleansing in general, definitely reach out on Instagram or in the comment section below. I’d love to help!