a dash of kitchen magic. a sprinkle of ritual. a cup of comfort.

Hey, lovelies! At My Tiny Laguna Kitchen, you’ll find a calming retreat from the outside world.

Here we’ll brew nourishing herbal recipes, craft botanical skin-care potions, and bask in Earth’s abundance through intuitive rituals.

Whether you’re looking for earthy inspiration or hoping to collaborate on a visual storytelling project, I hope you’ll cozy up and stay awhile! -xoxo

Seasonal recipes & musings
Rose Hip Facial Oil for Nourished Skin
Rose Hip facial oil is an easy-to-make infused herbal oil that will soothe and brighten skin. Rose hips are high in vitamin C and combine well with plantain, roses, and gota kola to moisturize and relieve any irritation. This rose hip serum is gentle enough to use during all phases of life, and is free […]
Nov 17, 2023
Homemade Chest Rub to Relieve Congestion
Enjoying the autumn weather but feeling a little bit congested? This simple, homemade chest rub to relieve congestion is just what you need. It’s 100% natural so not only will you feel good while using it, you will feel good about using it as well. Made with eucalyptus and peppermint, your airways will feel instant […]
Oct 18, 2023
Rose Exfoliating Face Mask with Jojoba
This exfoliating face mask is easy to make with real rose petals, Rhassoul clay, and rose hydrosol. Perfect for dry skin that fall and winter bring, this DIY exfoliating face mask is made with natural ingredients like jojoba meal and pomegranate seed oil to soothe and hydrate your skin. As the seasons change, so do […]
Oct 02, 2023
Energy Cleansing Spray
Whether you are on a fertility journey or not, you can absolutely make and enjoy this energy-cleansing spray. Being on a fertility or pregnancy journey can come with a lot of highs and lows. Therefore making space to breathe and nourish your nervous system and make room for routines in your everyday life is essential. […]
Sep 18, 2023
DIY Herbal Hair Mask
Making an herbal DIY hydrating hair mask is a magical way to take your self-care routine into your own hands. Knowing exactly what herbs, oils, and magic goes into your DIY hair mask is empowering. With kokum butter, mango butter, and shea butter for hair to moisturize and nourish, this hair mask recipe is a […]
Jul 24, 2023

Choose your own adventure

different portals for connection

Welcome! I'm Stephanie

Welcome to the collective space! This is the heart of my home, and all are welcome. Pull up a chair, grab a comforting mug of herbal goodness, and let’s connect on a deeper level.

My own wellness journey began more than 15 years ago when I started reprogramming my health with seasonal, intuitive ingredients. My path led me to herbalism, where I learned how to weave herbs and flowers into my recipes for deeper well-being and connection. Feeling inspired and empowered, I started to handcraft many of the things I used to buy, like botanically infused potions and herbal nourishment, sprinkling in a whimsical dose of plant magic along the way. I eventually realized that dreaming up and brewing these recipes is like a healing spell in and of itself.

At My Tiny Laguna Kitchen, I sincerely believe that reconnecting with your body, your spirit, and with nature is possible for anyone, anywhere—even a total beginner in a tiny urban kitchen!

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