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October, 20th 2017

superfood candies (sugar free, paleo, & vegan)

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Hi friends!

I’ve created easy & vibrant superfood Halloween candies just for you – no artificial coloring or dyes needed. Make sure to share with your family, kids, friends, co-workers, communities and of course yourself. 🙂 Enjoy & please reach out if you have any questions or post a photo and tag me on instagram @mytinylagunakitchen.

Resource Links for the recipe:
Chocolate molds from Amazon
Superfood powders for coloring: rawnice pitaya & blackberry pea
Blue Spirulina: E3live Blue Magic 

Please note: You do NOT need the fancy superfood powders to make these! you can make white chocolate and regular chocolate by just adding 2-4 tablespoons of raw cacao or cocoa to the mix.

Second note: if you are doing a sugar cleanse feel free to sub out maple syrup for stevia or Lakanto raw monk fruit to taste.

superfood candies (sugar free, paleo, & vegan) Print
prep time
30 minutes
cook time
total time
30 minutes
36 Candies
What You Will Need
  • candy mold
  • glass bowl
  • pot of boiling water or a double broiler
  • 4 mason jars
  • 1 fork or whisk
  •  1 Cup coconut butter
  •  1 Cup cacao butter
  •  1 Cup coconut oil
  •  1 Teaspoon pink sea salt
  •  1/4 Cup maple syrup (or (1/2 cup powdered raw monk fruit sweetner or more to taste – if sugar free)
  •  2-3 Teaspoons vanilla bean powder or extract
  •  1 Tablespoon blue magik (blue spirulina)
  •  1 Tablespoon pitaya powder (i bought mine from rawnice)
  •  1 Tablespoon blackberry pea protein
  1. melt.

    melt the coconut butter, coconut oil, cacao butter, vanilla powder into a double boiler or a pyrex bowl on top of a small pot of boiling water on medium-high until the mix starts to if you want the candies to be sweeter keep adding maple syrup until you have your desired taste.
  2. separate mix.

    once melted seperate the mix into 4 different mason jar or any glasses you have on hand.sidenote: be careful the jars will be hot when taking out of the double broiler.
  3. mix it up.

    whisk the colored powders into three of them – think easter egg coloring here. 🙂 mix until completly smooth.leave one of the jars completly white.
  4. pour it up.

    carefully pour the mix into the mold – pro tip use a tablespoon to pour into each one, also it’s easier to place into a cutting board or something that you can easily transfer into the freezer to freeze with the mold going all floppy.
  5. freeze & repeat.
    freeze each batch and repeat the steps for the other colors. freeze for about 30-40 minutes. once they have completely hardened pop them out and enjoy just as they are in you wish. of course i highly recommend adding a paleo chocolate – all you have to do is melt the chocolate flip the candies over and drizzle your chocolate all over the place. get messy! once again freeze until the chocolate has become solid. now share and enjoy! please store in freezer or fridge as they will melt at room temperature.
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