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pumpkin seed butter chocolate cups (paleo, vegan, and keto)
prep time
15 minutes
cook time
total time
15 minutes
10 Cups
What You Will Need
  • double-boiler
  • small muffin cups


  1. make or buy your pumpkin seed butter.
    if you are making your pumpkin seed butter just blend about 2.5 cups of pumpkin seeds with a pinch of sea salt in a high-speed blender, it can take up to 30 minutes. Make sure you scrape the sides off the jar every couple of minutes.
  2. warm your chocolate
    place chocolate in a double broiler until melted now fold in your raw monk fruit powder and drops of stevia.
  3. fill the muffin pan.

    layer the muffin wrappers with chocolate, pumpkin seed butter and another layer of chocolate. You should get 10-12 cups out of this batch. Now freeze until ready to be eaten. 😀 Keep in freezer or fridge for 1-2 months.
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