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fudgy chocolate frosting cassava brownies (sugar free, paleo, keto)
prep time
15 minutes
cook time
40 minutes
total time
55 minutes
20 Brownies
What You Will Need
  • brownie pan
  • mixer or food processor

fudgy chocolate frosting:

brownie mix:

  1. place all the brownie ingredients into mixer or bowl
    blend all the brownie ingredients in the mixer or by hand until fully smooth.
  2. bake the brownies.
    Line a brownie sheet with parchment paper and coconut oil and pour in your brownie mix. bake at 350 degrees for 35-40 minutes. You will know they are finished when you put a fork or toothpick in the middle and the fork comes out completly clean.
  3. let cool.
    let your baking pan cool for about 30 minutes or if you are really patient i HIGHLY recommend placing the whole pan into the fridge overnight this will make it SUPER EASY to frost the next day.
  4. make your CHOCOLATE frosting!!
    Making the frosting is my all time favorite part – place all the frosting ingredents into a food processor and press go until the frosting is nice and smooth. If you want it a little richer in chocolate add another tablespoon or two of cacao powder we found 6 tablespoons was just the perfect amount for our taste buds.
  5. Now frost those brownies.

    Frost your brownies fully – use all the frosting or depending on how big your avocados were you could have leftovers – save to put on apples or just a snack for later OR just layer more onto your brownies – trust me I’m positive no one will complain. 🙂 ENJOY XO
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