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Blue Magik Coconut Yogurt Popsicles (vegan, keto, paleo & body ecology)
prep time
15 minutes
cook time
0 minute
total time
15 minutes
6 popiscles
What You Will Need
  1. spoon your yogurt into the blender and start the blender at a slow speed.
  2. slowly start to pour the liquid coconut oil into the mix while increasing the speed.
  3. blend into smooth – using the coconut oil here will act as an emulsifier so the fat and ice don’t separate when it freezes.
  4. take out half of the batter and add the blue magik powder.
  5. ┬áin your popsicles molds add in half of your batter – it is up to you on if you want the white or blue first.
  6. halfway through before you put the second color add in 3-5 blueberries.
  7. add your second color until the mold is full.
  8. cover and freeze overnight.
  9. take out the next day and enjoy!
Magically Crafted By My Tiny Laguna Kitchen: