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September, 29th 2017

blue magik / coconut / pitaya smoothie

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blue magik / coconut / pitaya smoothie Print
prep time
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total time
0 minute
2 Smoothies
What You Will Need
  •  2 Cups frozen coconut meat
  •  1 Cup almond milk
  •  2 Teaspoons blue magik (blue spirulina)
  •  2 Teaspoons energy tonic from Moondeli
  •  1 chopped pitaya
  •  1-3 pieces of eating evolved dark chocolate (optional)
  •  1 handful of frozen blueberries to top
  1. chop the pitaya
    place the pitaya on the bottom of the smoothie.
  2. blend the coconut meat & other ingredients
    blend the coconut meat, almond milk (or any another milk you prefer) blue magik, Moondeli’s energy tonic.
  3. add blended smoothie.

    add blended smoothie into the jar.
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