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October, 29th 2017

jump for (almond joy) candies

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Once upon a time, I used to have another blog called The Veggie Hustle and I created this recipe. whenever I brought them to parties everyone went nuts for them (no pun intended). The other day a couple people asked me for the recipe so I went ahead to retest and recraft a couple batches. Therefore if you are going to a party and need an easy vegan – no refined sugar added recipe – look no further! Promise you they will be a hit. 😉

BTW These are great for any holiday, party, birthday, event or just because.

jump for (almond joy) candies Print
prep time
30 minutes
cook time
total time
30 minutes
34 Almond Joys
What You Will Need
  • Tablespoon
  • Food Processor
  • 2 Cups almonds (plus 1/3 cup of almonds to top with)
  •  18-22 organic pitted dates
  •  2 Cups unsweetened shredded coconut
  •  1 Pinch vanilla bean powder or extract
  •  2 Tablespoons coconut oil
  •  1 Pinch pink sea salt
  •  1/2 Cup coconut oil (for chocolate goo)
  •  1/2 Cup raw cacao powder (for chocolate goo)
  •  1/4 Cup raw honey (for chocolate goo)
  •  1 Tablespoon Moondeli’s Mushroom Adaptogen: Cacao Chaga Cordyceps (OPTIONAL & also for chocolate goo)
  1. add all the base ingredients to food processor

    add all the almond joy base ingredients to the food processor.
  2. blend until sticky.

    blend the ingredients until the cookie dough is nice and sticky.
  3. scoop.

    take a clean tablespoon and scoop the dough out onto a pan with parchment paper. place into fridge or freezer while you make the chocolate goo.
  4. make chocolate goo.

    in a clean food processor put all the ingredients listed for your chocolate goo. blend until nice and smooth. make sure to taste to see if you want more chocolate or sweet if you want more sweet add more honey.
  5. add chocolate goo to cookies.

    take your cookies out of the freezer and add the chocolate goo on top – you can go crazy here for nicely just put a glop on each one. you may have extras of the chocolate goo (first world problems) eat with extra almonds or freeze for freezer chocolate. 😀
  6. add your almond to top.

    add your extra almond to top each one. easy peasy lemon squeezy!
    they are ready to eat now BUT if you want to take them to work or a party i recommend putting them into your freezer to set. Once frozen put into a container to go. ENJOY!


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