My Story

Hi there!

First of all, I want to say thank you for visiting My Tiny Laguna Kitchen. Second, I want to share my “why” with you. Why do I have this blog and where do I come from?

I was born and raised in the Midwest, in Madison, Wisconsin. Looking back on my childhood, my fondest memories were being in the kitchen with my Grandma, whether it was baking sugar cookies, homemade noodle soup, coloring Easter eggs, or even playing in the garden with her.

Fast forward to about college, where I started to really think about what I was eating. I turned Vegetarian after I saw a PETA video, I turned Vegan after reading the book Skinny Bitch. I didn’t know how to cook in college so I would go to Trader Joe’s for pre-made Mac and Cheese.

After many years, I fell in love with being a raw vegan, it was my art form of choice and made sense to eat this beautiful, colorful produce. My anxiety started to go away, my brain fog is gone, my body started to feel like mine again and my challenge to think of how to make a raw vegan donut or pie was so exciting to me. During this time I ate a lot of nuts and seeds and after about a year of this, I started getting more digestive symptoms.

I started a local cleanse called the revive Vibrant Wellness Cleanse and here, I felt safe to eat cooked foods again.

Now I don’t really have any labels on my way of eating – maybe an intuitive diet. Listening to what my body needs but always conscious of where the food is coming from. I prefer going straight to the source for all of our food & produce.

I’m also here to show you that you don’t need all the fancy things. If I can do it in My Tiny Laguna Kitchen so can you!

My mission is to offer a place for healing no matter where you came from. I grew up in the Midwest eating not the most nutritious food – because of this I’ve been on my own health and healing journey to restore and rebuild my body and digestive system. Being here I hope for you to feel inspired to make a recipe that is nourishing for you.

It’s taken me 15 years of learning these recipes, learning my own body, and unlearning the way we were taught to eat and believe me, I am STILL learning every single day. I’ve struggled at times, feeling isolated during this journey, but I would love to extend my experience to you. May all feel welcome to come here.  xoxo

Please share comments or post your story or questions as I am here to help heal and inspire you. I wish everyone healing and wellness. xo Stephanie